Here We Go Again

….Twas the night before Christmas and all through the park the dogs gave up stirring was nary a bark.It was to warm for snow but I sure had no glow as I sat outside and there did abide of one of my favorite bad habits,no not the wacky kind as there were no 6 foot rabbits.I’m worn and I’m old so to me it is cold on this eve of the big day.So as Santa does ride with gifts by his side it’s a sure bet I shall soon hit the hay.There will be chips to munch and blankets a bunch and a book of many words.Such is the fate it’s nothing so great for this very worn out tired old turd……..errrr nerd…oh the heck with it….MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT…..

…………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks…Ret.)………..

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It’s Raining

…It’s raining it’s pouring the old man has not been snoring.He won’t bump his head cause he ain’t been to bed and he will still be up in the morning.

…As the body betrays the spirit plays in the deep woods of my mind.Sometimes I fear my sixty years have not been very kind.It’s an ache or a pain and quite a drain of my fortitude at times so when body betrays it’s on those days I take refuge in my mind.

…Beneath the trees it is a breeze to leave that pain behind.I frolick there without a care in the forest of my mind.Perchance to meet and then to greet another wandering soul and then to feed that burning need when to halves make a whole.

…So through the trees on gentle breeze my spirit he does wander while left behind the old mind will watch and then to ponder.I must find a way to through the day proceed with power of will as opposed to pill is what the body needs…

…He prances here and dances there and gathers up the soul then to blend and next to mend they will make that body whole…

……….Thecatsman PhD( school of hard knocks ret.)…………

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From The You’re Never To Old To Learn Files…

…One must needs be careful that under the guise of caring and kindness we do not ‘do so much” or “take care of all those things” so well that one undermines the independence and personal power of those who are nearest and dearest to us.All with the nobelest of intent thinking along the way this is right,this is good.A cold hard slap in the face taught me this one here a little shy of my 60th birthday.Ahhhh old man how are ya gonna fix this one he says walking away shaking his head at his own failings.Indeed it’s a hard and often harsh thing to examine your very own heart and soul and find them wanting…

……………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………………….

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I Quit

…Ya know I have often thought that perhaps that moment of death in a man’s life is that split second when he goes….Eureka I finally understand women…POOF you move on to the promised land.Now I guess by that standard as I close on 60 I am in for yet many more years of life on this earth cause it has once again been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that I do NOT understand women…I have all the respect in the world for the pains and trials a woman has to endure in her life but when do the double standards,unspoken desires,expectations and flat out turning what a fella says into something so totaly different then that what was actually said or meant as to be as different as light opposed to darkness,endI’m turning into a tired old fella that just don’t have the heart to fight this never ending battle anymore so could someone please point to the place where I can surrender my proverebial “man card” to the firey flames and please,please stop being punished for being a man…..Good grief I must be more worn out than I thought looking this one over….Oh well it shall stand as written let the flogging begin!

………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks…Ret.)………………

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…So here we are again my Brother’s and my Country’s Birthday so first off a fine Happy Birthday to them.As I sit here with the infernal machine and ponder I realize that my brother is now,always has been and always will be my brother no matter what.My country is now,has always been and always will be my country no matter what.In either case through me life to this point I now realize how similar these two relationships have always been even though at the moment I can’t say I am overly pleased with my country.One needs must remember though the this idea,this grand expierment this entity we call the Uninted States Of America has afforded me the many oppertunities I have enjoyed in my life and the freedom to make those choices be they good or bad that have brought me to being the Red Blooded American M A N that I am today and always will be no matter what.This grand place in all of it’s magesty has allowed me the freedom to help concieve and raise one Outstanding American Woman who I am proud to call Daughter and two excellent Red Blooded American Men whom I am proud to call my Sons.So as this world and my country ebb and flow around this the twilight of my life I walk with head held high and shoulders squared to the sometimes ill winds of change and say for all to hear…….GOD BLESS THE USA

…………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………..

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An Apple A Day…..Indeed!

…It sure is gettin to be a dangerous world out there,a fella just ain’t safe goin anywhere.I went to the stal-mart to get Miss Leslie’s perscriptions and maybe some apples for her.Well natually they didn’t have the apples so I went to the other end to git the meds.On the way I passed some cookies and though I was tempted I sternly kept on a goin and took care of my buisness.But wouldn’t ya know I was on my way out the door and them 2 dozen dang cookies just jumped into my hands and forced me through the check out.Now I’m starting to be very afraid and want to slink on home but noooooo I don’t have any apples.So now I have to go the the food city and that is a VERY scary place on any day.Shore nuf I’m flyin through the store determined to get them apples and git on out but next ya know 2 bags of chips and a package of imitation crab go and jump into my cart.So I doggedly fought my way to and through the checkout fending off attacks by the likes of brownies,cakes and all manner of junkie things trying to molest me.Thank goodness I made good my escape and got on home without any more stuff forcing itself on me…..

…And before you ask…yes,yes I did get the apples but when Miss Leslie mentioned a couple other things she needs I ended up under the couch whimpering…

………………..Thecatsman PhD(School Of Hard Knocks..Ret.)………………………

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Dear “Santa” 2017

…Dear Lord,

..I hope this note finds you well as I am quite sure it will find you very busy.We here at The Cats Castle find ourselves and assorted kitties well and happy but I find I must trouble you with some wishes for just a moment.It seems that some folks we know could use a little of that special Christmas Magic that only you and the Universe can provide and I wish to take a moment and forward this as my Christmas wish.

…For the Daughter who is having a bit of a time a little help and some peace of mind.For the friend who lost her dog some peace of heart and a little less lonlieness.For the folks who wandered into our lives to conduct some business and became friends some good health and strength of spirit and for the chosen few,the rest of the kids and grands and others we know and love that could use a helping hand,may they find their way to inner peace and come to understand the Good Lord and the Universe will provide all ya gotta do is B E L I V E.

…Happiness and contentment are not to be found out in the big troubled world they can only be found by having the courage to take you spirit out for a stroll and have a long conversation with your  soul as to who you are and who you want to be.

…So that’s about all my Friend we are fine and have found our way and you have our eternal gratitude so we only wish the best for others who intersect with our lives.As I close this note a special mention to Mr.DD and Miss JD for understanding some things well beyond their young years…

…A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

………………….Thecatsman PhD School Of Hard Knocks..Ret………………………


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