…So here we are again my Brother’s and my Country’s Birthday so first off a fine Happy Birthday to them.As I sit here with the infernal machine and ponder I realize that my brother is now,always has been and always will be my brother no matter what.My country is now,has always been and always will be my country no matter what.In either case through me life to this point I now realize how similar these two relationships have always been even though at the moment I can’t say I am overly pleased with my country.One needs must remember though the this idea,this grand expierment this entity we call the Uninted States Of America has afforded me the many oppertunities I have enjoyed in my life and the freedom to make those choices be they good or bad that have brought me to being the Red Blooded American M A N that I am today and always will be no matter what.This grand place in all of it’s magesty has allowed me the freedom to help concieve and raise one Outstanding American Woman who I am proud to call Daughter and two excellent Red Blooded American Men whom I am proud to call my Sons.So as this world and my country ebb and flow around this the twilight of my life I walk with head held high and shoulders squared to the sometimes ill winds of change and say for all to hear…….GOD BLESS THE USA

…………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………..

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An Apple A Day…..Indeed!

…It sure is gettin to be a dangerous world out there,a fella just ain’t safe goin anywhere.I went to the stal-mart to get Miss Leslie’s perscriptions and maybe some apples for her.Well natually they didn’t have the apples so I went to the other end to git the meds.On the way I passed some cookies and though I was tempted I sternly kept on a goin and took care of my buisness.But wouldn’t ya know I was on my way out the door and them 2 dozen dang cookies just jumped into my hands and forced me through the check out.Now I’m starting to be very afraid and want to slink on home but noooooo I don’t have any apples.So now I have to go the the food city and that is a VERY scary place on any day.Shore nuf I’m flyin through the store determined to get them apples and git on out but next ya know 2 bags of chips and a package of imitation crab go and jump into my cart.So I doggedly fought my way to and through the checkout fending off attacks by the likes of brownies,cakes and all manner of junkie things trying to molest me.Thank goodness I made good my escape and got on home without any more stuff forcing itself on me…..

…And before you ask…yes,yes I did get the apples but when Miss Leslie mentioned a couple other things she needs I ended up under the couch whimpering…

………………..Thecatsman PhD(School Of Hard Knocks..Ret.)………………………

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Dear “Santa” 2017

…Dear Lord,

..I hope this note finds you well as I am quite sure it will find you very busy.We here at The Cats Castle find ourselves and assorted kitties well and happy but I find I must trouble you with some wishes for just a moment.It seems that some folks we know could use a little of that special Christmas Magic that only you and the Universe can provide and I wish to take a moment and forward this as my Christmas wish.

…For the Daughter who is having a bit of a time a little help and some peace of mind.For the friend who lost her dog some peace of heart and a little less lonlieness.For the folks who wandered into our lives to conduct some business and became friends some good health and strength of spirit and for the chosen few,the rest of the kids and grands and others we know and love that could use a helping hand,may they find their way to inner peace and come to understand the Good Lord and the Universe will provide all ya gotta do is B E L I V E.

…Happiness and contentment are not to be found out in the big troubled world they can only be found by having the courage to take you spirit out for a stroll and have a long conversation with your  soul as to who you are and who you want to be.

…So that’s about all my Friend we are fine and have found our way and you have our eternal gratitude so we only wish the best for others who intersect with our lives.As I close this note a special mention to Mr.DD and Miss JD for understanding some things well beyond their young years…

…A Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

………………….Thecatsman PhD School Of Hard Knocks..Ret………………………


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Once Upon A Turkey Day

…Once upon the Turkey Day a Missive Mind went out to play.He went to here and wandered there up and down and all around without a seeming care.Wandering and wondering  round and round looking for something that simply would not be found.Is it here was it there the darn thing had vanished into thin air.So up upon the mountain top the Missive Mind did finally stop the shout down the valley fair hello,hello are you there?

…Are you there,there,there the echo bounced across the valley only to return to him the words ha gave upon the wind.He glared to the east and turned then west but neither here nor there or north or south would that answer come that he thought best so home he went to get some rest.

…When he returned from here and there back at home he found Lady Fair.Where have you been my silly man going off alone without a plan? I went to here and wandered there up upon the mountain top and down below in valley fair to find that silly something that won’t be found have you seen it, is it around?

…With a loving sigh and  silent twinkle in her eye she took the Missive Mind and sat him in his chair and then she did tell him just exactly where the something was that would not be found.Look around you silly man do you not see the wonderous plan while you have wandered from there to here it was all along in the mirror.So put a smile on your face and know that to win the human race you need not wander here and there only simply have a care to embrace your gratitude for simple things and then to you good fortune brings all the wealth a man does need and gives to him the sewing seed.

…Once upon the Turkey Day the Missive Mind went out to play….

………………………………..The Catsman PhD School Of Hard Knocks…Ret………………………….

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The Morning Shave

…As I went to shave my daily stubble down the hall raced a cat called Troubble.She flew past real fast a hot trail she was blazin while on her heels ran another one called Notsa Tailin.Not to be left out of this mystery bounded past a tort called Mysti and then with a rumble and a roar Mini Orange flew past the bathroom door.Not to be left behind or perhaps out run came the mother of all at a rapid run.Princess Hissy D. Face she’s called and she’s the mom cat of them all.I did not flinch nor miss an inch with that blade upon my face because you see between you and me I’ve grown acustomed to this daily race…

………………….Thecatsman(PhD) School Of Hard Knocks…..Ret…………………………

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Salivation salvation

…So here I am again wandering through the dusty chambers of my sometimes befuddled mind.It’s that day again,the Turkey Day 2016 has arrived and the dawn is soon to break if the local roosters are to believed.I’ve wandered from my bed,put on the coffee and stirred up the resident cats for a feed and maybe a pet or three.My two basic charges for the day are to be sure Miss Leslie is up to get started upon her cooking and to eat said cooking when the time comes.

…Ahhh Miss Leslie my rescue angel who helped this old cat leave his darkness and find his heart and soul again.Now there is something to be thankful for.She has a 17 pounder going in the oven today and I believe we are expecting a few folks to come on by.In her glory my Lady is today,she so loves to do up the BIG DAY meal.The radio,and my kids I’m sure,will be dusting off old Arlo’s Alice’s Restaurant for the playing today and other fine folks will be doing those things they do to make a special day of it.

…For myself it is usually a day of reflection,an examination of self and place with a goodly amount of thankful tossed in.This particular morning has me wanting to relate a strange tale,at least for me.A short snippet of something that came up the other day in my duties as manager of this little mobile park where we live.I was asked to go collect up a check,a rather large check from a Lady here who had some health issues take her out of her work a day world.The owners kindly allowed her to get by on half rent until she could get some help from the folks at Social Security.She’s been in that dark place where I once found myself and only those of us who have been there can understand.So I asked her as she handed me the check “does this mean what I think it means…”Her answer was yes of course at which point I did a very strange thing..strang for me anyway…hold on to your hats kids…I gave that good old southern gal the biggest hug I have ever bestowed on anyone.Now that may not seem like much to you folks reading along here but those who know me know that I just don’t do hugs…..Never have,never really will just one of my personality “flaws”…

…You see the thing is I found myself soooooo thankful for her finally reaching that light at the end of a long dark tunnel and it was my great pleasue and privledge to be thankful for her good fortune.So while the world goes crazy around you and life becomes too much to bear just remember…IT COULD BE WORSE.Pick up your pieces,pull in your gut,stick out your chest,take a deep breath and be GRATEFUL…and put your heart and soul into it and see where it leads.So there ya have it folks the annual Turkey Day wanderings and ponderings live and in your face from The Cats Castle here in East Tennessee where this old man waits in high anticipation for salivation salvation….

………..I Am And Shall Remain The Catsman(PhD school of hard knocks…Ret..)…….

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“Once Upon A Time”…..A Father’s Tale…

…There has been an eerie silent stillness here in the theater where is set the stage of my life.My bully pulpit rests quietly backstage collecting the wandering dusty thoughts from the corners of my sometimes befuddled mind.Yet all is well as this four act play of my life unfolds on the stage.The first and second acts,the springtime and summer,of my life’s play have passed on along and I am now here in the fall of my life coasting down the hill that will take me to the final act with the winter of my life.

…There is a quiet,gentle easygoing beauty here in the fall of my life.I enjoy my days and nights as they pass here in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains with my wonderful companion the Lovely Lady Leslie.Today is Father’s Day once again and it has set me to the pondering that my wandering heart,mind and soul enjoy and know so well.Indeed I am a FATHER on the short road to 60 years of time here on God’s good earth.I have time for reflection on the ways and why for’s on this wonderous thing we call life and today I shall attempt to put to the great white page what I have learned,lived and found on my road to the very proud and wealthy man I have become today as the blessing of fatherhood has become part of my very soul.

…Any man cane provide that living fluid that bears the seed of life but not all of those who do will accept the mantle of Fatherhood.A sometimes painful,frustrating and often thankless task that requires nothing less than everything a man can provide right down to his very soul and then perhaps a little more.Those of us who accept the challenge and relish the sacrifices and great rewards that are earned go on in our humble lives with the certain knowledge that we and we alone planted the seed of life and tended the garden in which it grew to become something and someone more that we had ever aspired to be.

…There were times in the darkest of nights when we had to find the strength to go on,to find a way over,under and right through seemingly impossible obstacles to carry the family on.We didn’t share those time as they belong to the Father alone as protector and leader of the family.Hours of hard work given selflessly over in the sure knowledge that it is what must be done no matter what it is we think we want a Father always puts the children first….ALWAYS…

…All sacrifices made were paid back with at least a ten fold return on the investment.The progress of our progeny as they grow.They come into our lives with an innocent joy to share that brings to the humble man a happiness that will someday become the rock of satisfaction he climbs upon as he reaches for the stars.I have found my stars in those children I have raised.They have taken all I could teach and each and every one has returned time and again to teach me.So for my Son’s and my Daughter,who has at times needed to be Mother and Father,I wish you all a Happy Father’s Day in return for those greetings you have bestowed on me this day.

…As I now try to finish this speech I stand behind my Bully Pulpit to give the infernal machine has become blurred by tears rolling from my eyes.I find now as I approach the winter of my life to be born again to a new spring as my soul moves along in this universe God has bestowed upon me that I take a near to arrogant pride in the children I as FATHER have humbly raised.Indeed I count myself among the wealthiest of men and in the good company of other Men who can look back and say….Yes,yes those are my Adults there with  Young Stars of their own to raise up to the heavens and teach to shine down upon this good earth…..


………I am and shall remain Thecatsman(PhD School Of Hard Knocks)…Ret………

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