Once Upon A Turkey Day

…Once upon the Turkey Day a Missive Mind went out to play.He went to here and wandered there up and down and all around without a seeming care.Wandering and wondering  round and round looking for something that simply would not be found.Is it here was it there the darn thing had vanished into thin air.So up upon the mountain top the Missive Mind did finally stop the shout down the valley fair hello,hello are you there?

…Are you there,there,there the echo bounced across the valley only to return to him the words ha gave upon the wind.He glared to the east and turned then west but neither here nor there or north or south would that answer come that he thought best so home he went to get some rest.

…When he returned from here and there back at home he found Lady Fair.Where have you been my silly man going off alone without a plan? I went to here and wandered there up upon the mountain top and down below in valley fair to find that silly something that won’t be found have you seen it, is it around?

…With a loving sigh and  silent twinkle in her eye she took the Missive Mind and sat him in his chair and then she did tell him just exactly where the something was that would not be found.Look around you silly man do you not see the wonderous plan while you have wandered from there to here it was all along in the mirror.So put a smile on your face and know that to win the human race you need not wander here and there only simply have a care to embrace your gratitude for simple things and then to you good fortune brings all the wealth a man does need and gives to him the sewing seed.

…Once upon the Turkey Day the Missive Mind went out to play….

………………………………..The Catsman PhD School Of Hard Knocks…Ret………………………….

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One Response to Once Upon A Turkey Day

  1. Joyce says:

    Lovely writing Catsman. Hope you and the lady had a wonderful day and your kindness is repaid 2 fold.


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