The Daily Drivel


……………Dateline The Cats Castle East Tennessee USA…………..


…Today the Cats Castle narrowly avoided a cat-tastrophy thanks the the quick actions of Mini Orange aka Bubba Kitty.When a monsterous Houseflyus Annoyacus Pesticus threatened The castle he SPARANG into action exicuting multiple vertical leaps of TWO FEET and higher to wrest the demon from the air.Then at great risk and without regaurd for his own safety he brought the vanquished foe all the way to the office to be observed eating the deadly Houseflyus Annoyacus Pesticus so that all would know that they were saved.He was then demanding of his reward,a lengthy petting session,with repeated back scratchings and utterances of GOOD BOY.Then after providing a solid nip of satisfaction to Dad’s hand he humbly curled up for a well deserved Hero’s nap….

…………Thecatsman(PhD school of hard knocks..ret.)………………

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The Day That Night Dropped In

…Dogs of night gone silent sleep has run away sound of rooster calling inviting break of day.Lone set of wheels singing concrete’s song fades into the distance as dew settles on lawn.Train has stopped in its tracks the iron rail is still all that’s left in dark of night is bird call sometimes shrill.

…Gentle breeze stirs green leaves as spring has hit the land in dark of night there is no fright only silence come to hand.Body sore from doing of chore that helps to make a living cup to hand life is grand when taking what she’s giving.

…It is no mystery we have a history she and I a love affair without a care my mistress from on high.She folds herself around me sometimes with a chill it matters not be cold or hot the silent darkness thrills.I close my eyes now drawing sigh and open once again to see the darkness falling and listen as she’s calling my heart and soul to be made whole in darkness shall be free.

…From here to there I came without a care or shame and met this mistress mine.I came to play was swept away by lover for all time when in the darkness did begin this love affair without a care  the day that night dropped in…

……………..Thecatsman(PhD school of hard knocks…Ret.)…………….

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Of Sound Mind?


The final frontier

That great empty space

Between my ears

There is no time

There is no place

Just that great empty space

Between my ears

But there is no reason

For any fears

It’s a safe place

Between my ears

So come on by

And bring some beers

And we’ll have a toast

Then maybe a roast

We’ll make the most

Of that space

The final frontier

That great empty space

Between my ears……


……………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks)..Ret…………….

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To Cook The Bird And Get The Word

…Once upon a time I always wanted to write that line as I sit and wonder where did the Wordsmith wander.Did he find an invite in the deep dark night where did he come where will he go up on that mountain top in Thanksgiving snow.A cold wind there may blow to stir that new fallen snow as through the trees he has only self to please.Perhaps while away heart mind and soul will play as with their strife the folks go through life just trying to make a living.To hurry there and scurry where a dream is doomed to die they can not see that just to be is the only reason why.

…I’ve been to here and went to there in seeking what I sought only to learn and then to burn at the price of what I’d bought.The mind went one way the heart another and near to nothing my soul my brother in constant strife that crazy life became about the making not the living.To cook the bird and get the word then pile on the plate on to the game and others  fame oh what will be my fate but not to worry just to hurry must not get there late.

…Then a lucky turn a bridge to burn even then I did not know that to take me where I would not care which way the wind did blow.I learned to dance with some romance then dared to share and with great care found that life was for the living.So up upon the mountain top first to go and then to stop today the Wordsmith wanders while heart he soars and soul ignores the troubles of the world and mind sets sail with freedom now unfurled.

…To cook the bird and get the word then pile on the plate on to the game and others fame now I control my fate.


……………….Thecatsman PhD (School Of Hard Knocks)…..Ret……………

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Puzzels Pieces

…Between the mountain and the ridge comes the sun to act as bridge that brings the day in from the night once again to see the light.Twinkling stars through chilly night there to keep my soul from fright to become the guiding light that brings my day in from the night.It is then that star dust comes around to settle gently on the ground like a frost from chilly night that runs away when comes light.

…Before the sun and after moon comes the promise of the dawn still yet dark on frosty lawn.I like to sit in quiet there and grasp the chill right from the air then to climb the frosty stair that takes me up upon the ridge my soul to cross the magic bridge that takes me here but leaves me there to rest my soul without a care.Freedom rings as sun she brings refreshments for the soul puzzels pieces never ending answer from the sky descending once again to make me whole.

…………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………….

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The Cats Begats…

…Once upon a time a family was paying a visit to the Grandparents place just outside a small town in Wisconsin.Next door to the Grandparents was a family of friendly farmers who had a fair herd of dairy cows.Now needless to say they also had several generations of barn cats.Barn cats being left to mind the rodent population in and around the barn they usualy were not good domestic stock.

…Well as luck would have it the oldest boy of the visiting family took quite a shining to a little barn kitten and of course the “please dad can I take him home” ensued.Dad being a cat person his entire life didn’t stand a chance of NOT aqueising to his son’s desire and the little kitten was promptly adopted.

…A name soon suggested itself as the little fella was constantly sneezing and with that came a,shall we say sticky discharge,from his nose.The family being always open to suggestion of cat names promptly bestowed upon the kitty the name of TP…Yes that’s right Toilet Paper,TP for short.The boy and kitty bonded well and were quite happy together.

…But as often happens TP got out the door one day and off he went.The father pursued him to the riverbank and beyond but to no avail,little TP was in the wind.Some time passed and the family kept a watchful eye out for TP wanting very bad to get him back in the fold.On a cold winter’s day a call came from someone who thought they had seen him on the other end of town.The family headed out to see if it could be true and sure enough a cat was found out in the freezing cold and immediately removed to the warmth of the family’s home.

…Sadly though it turned out that while looking nearly identical to the lost TP the cat was female.At this point I should mention that TP did end up safe and sound and brought much joy to someone else but that’s another story and one that should be told by other than myself so here I will return to my story.

…The cold homeless little girl cat was of course adopted by the family and became a replacement for the lost one.When a name needed to be chosen she was dubbed Not TP,because she was…well Not TP.She of course brought much joy to the family over the years and when a martital split came down the road she came along with the oldest son to live with the father as they moved on down the road.

…Not TP was leash trained and spent a lot of time outside where she was visited more than a few times by some local Tom Cats.As is natures way she of course became pregnant and served up to the father and son a batch of kittens.As they grew the little black kitty adopted the father,a beautiful tortise shell calico adopted the younger son who was now living there also and the other adoted the oldest son.

…Time went by and the oldest son moved out on his own and Not TP of course went along with him.Twinky(the black) and Mittens(the torti) stayed with the father and youngest son and they all enjoyed each other for a long time.Eventualy the youngest son headed out into his own world and Mittens went along with him.Twinky stayed with the dad through some pretty hard times over the next few years,they were the best of friends the dad and Twinky and the younger boy and Mittens.

…Fast forward some and the dad up and moved on down to Tennessee and of course Old Ingus went right along with him.Twinky established himself quite well in his new home with The Lady and her collection of cats.He would come looking for her when it was time to cook dinner and sit on the kitchen table watching as she buised herself about it.Then just as she finished he would go find the dad and bring him on out to the table to eat.You see as far as he was concerned Twinky was a people not a cat.

…Eventualy the time came when Mittens took ill and passed over the Rainbow Bridge and as sometimes happens Old Man Twinky passed that way not to long after.The dad and boy were sad but those cats gave them many years of loyal friendship.In the meantime Not TP of course moved around with the oldest boy and not long after he settled on to his own property even had another batch of kitties.

…She too eventualy got on in years and slipped away one night to cross the Rainbow Bridge too.It is fascinating,at least to this writer,to look back at all those years of companionship and how many lives were touched because a young man took a fancy to a little baby barn kitty.All of this wandering story leads me to today here where I now live in east Tennessee with a wonderful Lady and yet another brood of cats.Hence the name of our home being The Cats Castle.

…Not long ago we ended up with a poor starving stray cat that of course we had to rescue and bring home.Turns out she was pregnant and we recently were treated to four little babies.Yup we had kittens and I had kittens and 0h my word there’s an awful lot of cats around here,and this finally leads me up to the point of this wandering tale of many kitties.

…Today I have decided on the Officail names for our new arrivals.As usual and in the finest of family traditions the kittens themselves have suggested to me their names.So we get now to the cats begats.Princess Hissy D.Face has bestowed upon us the following little kittes…

…The multicolored Mysti who is rambunctious but shy.Mini Orange,a fearless,troublesome little orange Tabby who gets his name because we already have a large(13lbs) Orange Tabby who’s given name is Punkin but I have dubbed Big Orange from the first time I saw him.That brings us to Mini Orange’s partner in crime an extremely active and near to fearless gray Tabby who has of course earned the name Trouble.Last but not least we have a near to twin of Trouble who has allowed me to carry on a fine family tradition of catdom and has been baptized Not Trouble.

…So ya see we certainly have some Trouble on our hands here at the Castle and of course the equally rambunctious but more shy Not Trouble seems to cause trouble anyway.From a farm in Wisconsin that gave us TP to a cold day in Nekoosa where we found Not TP all the way here to Tennessee where a few extra cats are Not Trouble at all until Mysti and Mini Orange stir up Trouble and the big cats run away while the kittens,all charter members of the Tail-abon like their mother,  terrorize The Castle and their humble human servants until it’s time to eat and sleep and start all over again.

…And there you have The Cats Begats.

…………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………..

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An Act Of Defiance….

…Ya know the truck needs fixin,the market is slow,Leslie A Kavourakis hasn’t been feeling herself and at the moment there just ain’t no means to deal with any of it…my head is collapsing from getting beat against the wall….not to mention WE HAVE KITTENS..bringing the cat population here to TEN for cryin out loud…..But ya know the GREAT LIFE WE HAVE HERE TOGETHER still outweighs all this silly old crap so onward we go and everything will be just fine soon enough…..Oh I did fix that pesky starting issue though…lol..

…You heard me life….PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT…….

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