An Other Me

This is a place where I’m going to put a few things from the dating site that I consider worthy of note.Mostly rants about things I see over there.

A  Traditional Blog
by catsmam 76 at 1/25/2010 8:03:46 AM

…Ah life at the palace never a moments peace,not to often getting a decent nights sleep and all manner of life going on around me.These youngsters don’t have time for a silly old dude like me and I have no means of escape other than taking a walk when the bag of bones is willing and sometimes when it’s not.So I spend entirly to mich time reading and pondering things I find on the vaunted internet.Mostly these days I spend my time on WordPress reading blogs and pounding out my own particular brand of drivel on a regular basis.
…Here at this place I see things run in cycles.Just now we seem to be back on the what was life like,how about chemistry,and what attracts you cycle.Does chemistry lead to sex or love or both or a passing feeling you get.What was your life like when you were younger or these are my conditions of acceptenc of your application to be my mate please to also submit your resume along with that and by the by would you like fries with that? Is this place for dating or social networking.Funny I always thought social networking could lead to dating but then what do I know.
…Seems to me there are no correct “answers” to any of this.If you come here and you don’t like what you see you may just leave.If you don’t like my words you don’t have to read them.Please to have your own opinions and express yourself as you see fit,within the bounds of acting like a mature respectful adult if you please.I have my own sets of questions and answers that I find for myself that I will or won’t share as suits since I came here for ME in the first place that is all well and good as far as I’m concerned
…So there you have my HH blog for the day,a bit of a rant in the fine tradition of blogging.Do I want to go off about anything else while I’m at it??? No not realy I was taking a break from my other self anyway.The one that seems to causauly toss himself upon the page to be regaurded or disregaurded as the reader sees fit.Yes I think I’m done here now as I’ve said my piece and I feel better.After all it’s all about ME anyway….isn’t it? I didn’t come to this place to please others and I doubt anyone else did either,I’m just not afraid to admit it.


No Apologies

…You know it’s supposed to be silly Saturday but I just read another story all about dating when you’re obviously not ready.So if you feel that your heart belongs to another for whatever reason it seems to me that you’d dang well better be telling someone you are accepting a date with all about it up fron or just don’t go.It’s not fair to the other party who has taken the time and trouble to get to know you,work up the courage to ask you out,take you out several times only to hear the famous words…”it’s not you it’s me”
…I’m sorry folks I almost never go off like this around here but this type of behavior strikes me as being incredibly SELFISH…Scream holler and jump up and down all you want.Rant rave and cry me a river.Flag this rant and see if you can get it pulled I just don’t care.Then these same people want to be forgiven because they think they deserve it.They sure NEED it as accepting a date and not being honest about your situation is just plain WRONG.
…So there is one of my opinions and if you don’t like it to bad.What part of don’t be LEADING PEOPLE ON do some people refuse to understand.It’s not ok and if it ever happened to me I’d be one mighty angry and hurt man,and there would be no forgivness.How is this any different then married or not yet divorced people lying about their situation just to get their jollies off?
…One more thing remember EXCUSES are just that and only to make the selfish party feel better.
….Now I’m going to go cool off and dream up something for silly Saturday.I feel better now,and for all those who’ve fallen victom to this kind of rude selfish behavior I am sorry you were treated so disrespectfuly.A last note I am master of this blog so say what you will but show respect and coutersy or …..well we shall see.

Another Take (on humbled man)

PLEASE NOTE….This be dangerous territory.I’m tired and lack any sense of flair and finess today and just can’t find it in myself to say what it is I think I want to say in my usual fancy and articulate manner.The following is meant to provoke reactions from the travelers of this little micro universe.Oh and just for today I am playing the cynic and don’t care what anybody thinks.Consider youself warned.

..This whole dating scene and just maybe the entire deal between men and women as this wonderous mother turns round and round taking us through our days is the most messed up out of balance befuddled up mess that could possibly be.Nobody seems to know when to stop or when to go and heaven help you if you say to yourself “eureka I finaly understand”.Watch out if you do because the relationship gremilins will surely visit their missfortune upon your mixed up heart and soul.
…I guess I just have to figure it to be much like Las Vegas….the lovely ladies are the house and us poor chump change males are the gamblers.We keep stepping up to the tables plunking down our hard earned money…self respect,hearts,lives in general etc. knowing full that the odds are stacked well against us.Sometimes we win a little but next time we loose our shirt.We’re not allowed to count cards or increase our odds of success in any way because it’s against “the rules” and just when we think we have it figured out the house steps in and changes “the rules”
…Have fun with this one boys and girls cause this time it’s just words on a page.It’s fairly well predictale how the comments will go here.Of course if I were “the house” as opposed to the chumps in front of me who I wish to take my needs from and leave them with whateve is left at the end of the night I’d be taking full advantage of my position too.After all it’s a dog eat dog world out there and only the strong survive….Right?????


The Story

…Sir Harry again posted a blog that gave me pause to consider.Left me thinking of a line from a Harry Chapin song “this story started and this story ends” and provoked the following response from me.I post it here because I wish to and who knows much like the movie mentioned in the comment maybe others can see that a happy ending really is possible.
…Today’s dreams are simple ones I leave now in two weeks time to begin the living of.A life of gentle peace and beauty surrounded by beautiful American country and laid back people with my lover of many lifetimes some cats and this infernal machine that connects me to a different world and allows me to pound my herat and soul to page.The writer was born decades ago as a very young man dreamed of mountains,valleys and the ultimate love affair with a wonderful woman.I feel like young Charlie with the great Willy Wonka handing me the keys to the chocolate factory and knowing that the boy who dared to dream is about to live happily ever after.Not bad for the lanky young boy from the city on the river in central WI.Soon to be the man who dared living his dreams in the mountains and valleys in east Tennessee.
…Fourtunes smile on this man and the knowledge that I go to the place I already consider home comforts and gives him pause to be grateful for this “rebirth” as that is much how it feels.I leave what has been home to go home……and live life as opposed to simply passing time on this earth.Some would say how lucky you are to which I would reply I have earned my “rebirth” and will live a simple life of humble gratitude for what I have be given the wisdom to see…..From The Lady Of The cats Castle…..Surprise,Surprise!

…Each and every member here has a reason they joined and a Goal they hope to achieve on this site, (and whatever other sites they are on). For some it is “Marriage”, a “FWB” situation for others, I have seen profiles who stipulate , “Penpal Wanted”, and of course “LTR” is prevalent… In the forums and in the Blogs sometimes the search turns into a reaching out to those who , though at a distance, have become friends and their expressions and chats have become very important in your life and daily or even weekly catching up with them is a pleasure you don’t want to give up even if it seems that Mr./Ms. Right does not seem in a hurry to show up.
My reason for joining as I remember, was to chat….and look into others views and fun from here in my little office….Things got turned around however and LTR seems to be where I am at now to my great delight, and with much surprise.
My partner and I were VERY brave considering all the circumstances involved and we ran for that ring, and we are in the process of bonding and “Settling In” to that surpise LTR. In spite of everyone’s (and I do mean everyone) opinion from my family and friends on the merit of our “On the fly” internet (Which really wasn’t when you consider all the communication) relationship, we are doing well…Actually way better than some “Real Life” romances I have had, and he too.
I guess what I am trying to say is that “Risk taking” is a good thing when it comes to your chance at happiness, and fullfillment….Can it go wrong?…Yes….but a relationship gone wrong is not fatal and it happens in real life partnerships too with amazing regularity. The wonderful thing is that “IT CAN GO RIGHT” and something you really were never believing in your heart would happen, does and you are so much the better for it…
Time does march on, if happiness is there for you to enjoy, take the risk, and get you a big “Dollop” of it! musings from the Porch, at the “Cats Palace” in East TN


A Story For THE Day  (Valentines 2012)

…Once upon a time the man without a plan sat before the vaunted machine.His mind had stopped wandering and pondering and he stared at the great white page.Upon it he had written a message,not just any message but one he knew had the potential to change the course of his lonely life forever. …The cursor blinked in hypnotic rythm as he considered the next step.To send this powerful collection of the symbols of humanity or to hold and let caution rule the day.It was not doubt of his own intent or feelings that stayed his hand but rather the desire to be sure that he would never,ever cause harm to the woman he was about to send the message to. …She was willing,able and ready to effect a change in his life by bringing him into her own.Tens of thousands of words had passed between them via the vaunted machine,but they had not met and only spoken on the telephone twice.They would never meet unless it was her picking him up in Wisconsin to go home with her to Tennessee.Yet he felt a sureness,a knowing if you will that this was the right thing to do.He knew she was ready and expecting him to respond in the fashion that was there,on the screen waiting to be sent.
…With the intake of a deep shuddering breath,now sure he would do no harm and would indeed affect this Lady’s life in a wonderful way,he slid the cursor to the appointed place on the screen and CLICKED.Caution be damned he thought to himself as the message traveled the distance between them in the beat of a heart knowing that it contained what the wonderful woman at the other end wished,nay,longed to hear. …Now some two years after that fatefu8l day he sits again in front of the vaunted machine.Merrily pounding away at the keys to write this little tale of hope,love and perhaps even courage.A fitting tale to tell this Valentine’s day.Here on this sometimes hard and cruel little site where people come to reach out with hopes and wishes of not being lonely anymore. …Ya see there may not be a knight or a princess waiting here for you and there certainly is no perfection.However if you have the courage to find out just who you really are and to expose some of that person here in these pages with honest and good intent there might be one tiny little portion of a fairy tale here for you…Yup there could be a little something called a happy ending.

…You know the one,it usualy goes something like this….”And they lived happily ever after”…..



9 Responses to An Other Me

  1. siv cathrin says:


    I am returning a visit. You stopped by my blog right before Chrismas.
    I am stunned, you are a true poet at heart, and you speak about some very important issues. It`s nice to see that some people take a stand and speak freely(even if they are the master of the blog ;-0)

    I only wish I had returned my visit earlier. But I`ll be back..

    Take care and be safe

    best regards
    siv cathrin


  2. Pilar says:

    I also thank you for your comment on my post. Sorry it took me so long to return the visit.
    Seems to be you are really hurt, all over the place.
    I once got the “it’s not you it’s me” well actually not, he said, you don’t want me to go there… it really hurt to wait and wait not knowing what was going in his mind.
    now, I just miss him, and I spend hours and days looking for him, and I see him in every text in every face, in every laughter… I just think he has not been completly honest with me… and I don’t know what else to do.


  3. dusty says:

    writing in reverse huh?

    Why is it that so many blogs out an about have titles that sound rational but the content is gibberish?

    Then others (I’m not necessarily pointing the finger at you) start saying you’re going to hit nerves, piss people off with a bunch off that jibber ish but than write some of the only straight forward rational (without all the sound of one hand clapping pychosophical circular “there is no real truth” BS) that is posted about and out there on the plural of internet?


    • thecatsman says:

      The blogs I bring over from the silly dating site are kind of a reminder to self to not take the world serious at times.It’s an entertaining place at times but sometimes well you see the result.


  4. dusty says:

    it was actually some of the funniest things that ever made sense to me.

    I’m dusty, and when I first dropped by I stumbled in on accident. Thank you for leaving the door open


  5. Joanaroo says:

    Hi! As a cat lover and aspiring writer, it is good to find another cat person and lover of words! Many happy years to you, the Love of Your Life, family and friends. Thought I’d check out your blog after checking out Kissie’s @ Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Will be checking out your blogs more and bookmarking them on My Yahoo Favorites. By the way, 51 is still young! My best friend and I both are going to be 49 this year. June pulls a Jack Benny of sorts and says she’s only 29! Hey, whatever! You’re as young as you feel! Joan


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