An Apple A Day…..Indeed!

…It sure is gettin to be a dangerous world out there,a fella just ain’t safe goin anywhere.I went to the stal-mart to get Miss Leslie’s perscriptions and maybe some apples for her.Well natually they didn’t have the apples so I went to the other end to git the meds.On the way I passed some cookies and though I was tempted I sternly kept on a goin and took care of my buisness.But wouldn’t ya know I was on my way out the door and them 2 dozen dang cookies just jumped into my hands and forced me through the check out.Now I’m starting to be very afraid and want to slink on home but noooooo I don’t have any apples.So now I have to go the the food city and that is a VERY scary place on any day.Shore nuf I’m flyin through the store determined to get them apples and git on out but next ya know 2 bags of chips and a package of imitation crab go and jump into my cart.So I doggedly fought my way to and through the checkout fending off attacks by the likes of brownies,cakes and all manner of junkie things trying to molest me.Thank goodness I made good my escape and got on home without any more stuff forcing itself on me…..

…And before you ask…yes,yes I did get the apples but when Miss Leslie mentioned a couple other things she needs I ended up under the couch whimpering…

………………..Thecatsman PhD(School Of Hard Knocks..Ret.)………………………

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One Response to An Apple A Day…..Indeed!

  1. Marie says:

    Cute, I know the fear! I get nabbed by the strawberry cheesecakes, those rascals. Then I forget the bananas. OOP!


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