Salivation salvation

…So here I am again wandering through the dusty chambers of my sometimes befuddled mind.It’s that day again,the Turkey Day 2016 has arrived and the dawn is soon to break if the local roosters are to believed.I’ve wandered from my bed,put on the coffee and stirred up the resident cats for a feed and maybe a pet or three.My two basic charges for the day are to be sure Miss Leslie is up to get started upon her cooking and to eat said cooking when the time comes.

…Ahhh Miss Leslie my rescue angel who helped this old cat leave his darkness and find his heart and soul again.Now there is something to be thankful for.She has a 17 pounder going in the oven today and I believe we are expecting a few folks to come on by.In her glory my Lady is today,she so loves to do up the BIG DAY meal.The radio,and my kids I’m sure,will be dusting off old Arlo’s Alice’s Restaurant for the playing today and other fine folks will be doing those things they do to make a special day of it.

…For myself it is usually a day of reflection,an examination of self and place with a goodly amount of thankful tossed in.This particular morning has me wanting to relate a strange tale,at least for me.A short snippet of something that came up the other day in my duties as manager of this little mobile park where we live.I was asked to go collect up a check,a rather large check from a Lady here who had some health issues take her out of her work a day world.The owners kindly allowed her to get by on half rent until she could get some help from the folks at Social Security.She’s been in that dark place where I once found myself and only those of us who have been there can understand.So I asked her as she handed me the check “does this mean what I think it means…”Her answer was yes of course at which point I did a very strange thing..strang for me anyway…hold on to your hats kids…I gave that good old southern gal the biggest hug I have ever bestowed on anyone.Now that may not seem like much to you folks reading along here but those who know me know that I just don’t do hugs…..Never have,never really will just one of my personality “flaws”…

…You see the thing is I found myself soooooo thankful for her finally reaching that light at the end of a long dark tunnel and it was my great pleasue and privledge to be thankful for her good fortune.So while the world goes crazy around you and life becomes too much to bear just remember…IT COULD BE WORSE.Pick up your pieces,pull in your gut,stick out your chest,take a deep breath and be GRATEFUL…and put your heart and soul into it and see where it leads.So there ya have it folks the annual Turkey Day wanderings and ponderings live and in your face from The Cats Castle here in East Tennessee where this old man waits in high anticipation for salivation salvation….

………..I Am And Shall Remain The Catsman(PhD school of hard knocks…Ret..)…….

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One Response to Salivation salvation

  1. Joyce says:

    Loved reading this piece Cats. So much to be thankful for this year. I too have just began to surface again after a dark trip I thought would never end. My head is held high now as I thank the good Lord for my blessings this Thanksgiving day. God Bless you and Ms. Leslie.


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