Happy Birthday America???

…Happy Birthday America,guess I’m a day late and a dollar short.I can’t help but reflect on the terrible losses this once great country is suffering in the twilight of it’s life.You must now be politicaly correct or be punished.Everyone’s 15 minutes of fame trumps common sense.If you don’t like the “new normal” that’s just to bad and don’t you dare complain.News is entertainment and entertainment is news.Jobs are gone,pay is down but that is the “new normal” and you MUST smile as you reach for the Vasiline jar.Those who feel they must SCREAM at how they are persecuted have become Professional Victims and all who disagree must remain SILENT…..SILENT I SAY…The folks who were once just average everyday people have become the target of those who consider themselves oppressed and the District Of Corruption falls right in line for the koolaide to support those who scream the loudest as they only seem to be concerned with holding on the the wealth that WE THE PEOPLE have blindly provided them.Let’s not forget the rise of the new socialism where those who have worked hard and struggled to carve out what used to be amoung the American Dreams MUST SUPPORT those who simply feel entitled to be supported and I’m not talking about helping those in need rather those who WANT to be. On and on I could go but I’m sad enough now.So here I sit at my keyboard wishing a Happy Birthday to and at the same time begining to mourn an old friend I grew up with called America….

……………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………….

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