The Day That Night Dropped In

…Dogs of night gone silent sleep has run away sound of rooster calling inviting break of day.Lone set of wheels singing concrete’s song fades into the distance as dew settles on lawn.Train has stopped in its tracks the iron rail is still all that’s left in dark of night is bird call sometimes shrill.

…Gentle breeze stirs green leaves as spring has hit the land in dark of night there is no fright only silence come to hand.Body sore from doing of chore that helps to make a living cup to hand life is grand when taking what she’s giving.

…It is no mystery we have a history she and I a love affair without a care my mistress from on high.She folds herself around me sometimes with a chill it matters not be cold or hot the silent darkness thrills.I close my eyes now drawing sigh and open once again to see the darkness falling and listen as she’s calling my heart and soul to be made whole in darkness shall be free.

…From here to there I came without a care or shame and met this mistress mine.I came to play was swept away by lover for all time when in the darkness did begin this love affair without a care  the day that night dropped in…

……………..Thecatsman(PhD school of hard knocks…Ret.)…………….

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