To Cook The Bird And Get The Word

…Once upon a time I always wanted to write that line as I sit and wonder where did the Wordsmith wander.Did he find an invite in the deep dark night where did he come where will he go up on that mountain top in Thanksgiving snow.A cold wind there may blow to stir that new fallen snow as through the trees he has only self to please.Perhaps while away heart mind and soul will play as with their strife the folks go through life just trying to make a living.To hurry there and scurry where a dream is doomed to die they can not see that just to be is the only reason why.

…I’ve been to here and went to there in seeking what I sought only to learn and then to burn at the price of what I’d bought.The mind went one way the heart another and near to nothing my soul my brother in constant strife that crazy life became about the making not the living.To cook the bird and get the word then pile on the plate on to the game and others  fame oh what will be my fate but not to worry just to hurry must not get there late.

…Then a lucky turn a bridge to burn even then I did not know that to take me where I would not care which way the wind did blow.I learned to dance with some romance then dared to share and with great care found that life was for the living.So up upon the mountain top first to go and then to stop today the Wordsmith wanders while heart he soars and soul ignores the troubles of the world and mind sets sail with freedom now unfurled.

…To cook the bird and get the word then pile on the plate on to the game and others fame now I control my fate.


……………….Thecatsman PhD (School Of Hard Knocks)…..Ret……………

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