Puzzels Pieces

…Between the mountain and the ridge comes the sun to act as bridge that brings the day in from the night once again to see the light.Twinkling stars through chilly night there to keep my soul from fright to become the guiding light that brings my day in from the night.It is then that star dust comes around to settle gently on the ground like a frost from chilly night that runs away when comes light.

…Before the sun and after moon comes the promise of the dawn still yet dark on frosty lawn.I like to sit in quiet there and grasp the chill right from the air then to climb the frosty stair that takes me up upon the ridge my soul to cross the magic bridge that takes me here but leaves me there to rest my soul without a care.Freedom rings as sun she brings refreshments for the soul puzzels pieces never ending answer from the sky descending once again to make me whole.

…………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………….

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