Into The Abyss

…Sometimes we must sacrafice for those we love.When our lover is upset and frustrated we needs must rise to the occasion and tackle with grit and grace whatever it is causing such upset.Thus I had to,at great personal risk,jump in and save my Lady today as her frustration level was beyond the boiling point.
…After forcing the door open against the howling wind I dared to enter the realm of winter outside our little bubble of comfort here in the mountains.With snow swirling,freezing wind howling and cold chilling me to the marrow I set to task.Her needs above all else the only thing of import on God’s good earth driving my inner hero to the deed.
…Strugling against these elements I fought my way the few hard won feet I could barely manage out into the winter that engulfed our back deck.Stuck there,in icy frigid stiffness was none other than Miss Leslie’s mop.Yes her precious tool for keeping our humble abode in sparkling clean order frozen there in the cruel elements preventing her spirit from being in harmony and causing the piercing eye of dissatisfaction to cast it’s glare upon me as I was the one responsible for this dastardly turn of events.
…Yes I,normaly her hero,had ejected said mop from the house a couple days previous.So having fought off the dastardly elements I set to the rescue.Grabbing the “bull by the horns” I pulled and tugged and tugged and pulled and finally YANKED with all my worldly might………Ano LO the blessed mop snapped free of those wintery bonds nearly sending me off the deck to the cold hard ground below.But with grit and determination I steadfastly prevailed and fought my way back into the safety of our humble home with the prize in hand.
…When chance presented I recounted this story for The Lady who raised an eyebrow and gazed upon me with love and adoration.All was well and right with the world again until I with the depth of honesty that is my core admited that I simply placed two fingers on the handle and picked the silly thing right up…
….”OH really” says she “I guess that boiling water I poured on it just needed time to work”….
…Alas I was summarily dismissed from hero status and relegated back to simple,occasionaly useful man around the house status…
…But hey I got my pride because I know in my heart I went headlong into the abyss for my lover….

…………….Thecatsman(PhD school of hard knocks..Ret.)…………

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One Response to Into The Abyss

  1. What a great way to describe how you went out in the snow and got a mop. I love it!


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