…Somewhere in the depths of this the latest version of me is a quiet place.A place for reflection,contemplation and communing with the spirit that is the man.Self resides there and the profoundness of who I am hides quietly in the wings of my mind.Perhaps I don’t visit there as often as I should but that just makes my time there an experience to savour all the more.
…It’s funny sometimes what causes me to pause the day and take the journey to soul.Tonight it was a loud silence just after sunset here in the Great Smoky Mountains,a silent breeze carrying the yip of a lone puppy somewhere up along the ridge.There came a momentary stillness and the mind left the body and went to wandering.
…Reflections on the past versions of the man who has become me and the life experiences that have brought me to this juncture.A feeling of correctness washes down and over me as I once again tap into the power of man.Yes I am a powerful man,not a wealthy man or a man in a position of power over others.No the power I hold is over destiny itself,that wonderous place and time where the human need seems to drive us in pursuit of an abstract something that often seems to be just out of reach.
…I’ve had this experience before for brief moments in my life and then it was back to the struggles of the day.In this materialistic,results orientated society it can be difficult to locate self in there amongst all the other necessities of “life” and over the years I have managed to learn a thing or three about life,the universe and everything to borrow a phrase.
…More often now I find the ability to summon the power of the man bringing a harmony to this small bubble where Miss Leslie and I now travel this life together.Indeed it is because of this unique Lady that I have found this place and time where I belong.A place where my mind is allowed to take flight and “reality” is simply what I would create in the moments of my desire.Yes I am a powerful man and I am finally beginning to learn how to use it…

………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)…………………..

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