Redemptions Furniture Ltd….????

…Sooooo opened discussions with the landlord on getting some kind of building to work out of instead of the conglomeration of car ports,tables,semi trailers and misc other stuff.This would make life much easier for us and give me a workshop to do our used “Redemptions Furniture” and maybe a line of NEW pieces called “Redemptions Spirit Of America”…Hand made in the USA…..Yup I’m nucking futs to try to pull off this stunt…we shall see…..we shall see…
…Here are some examples of old furniture that we redeemed/repurposed.Hence the name “Redemptions”.


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2 Responses to Redemptions Furniture Ltd….????

  1. Ingrid says:

    Beautiful and talented. Make sure you go internet, people will pay for one of a kind pieces and well to do people love those.


  2. Thecatsman says:

    We are at the “struggling to begin” stage,have the idea,possibly the talent and a sense of direction.The die is cast and tumbling we shall see what comes up…lol..


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