The All Nighter

…Monday morning 5AM and I’ve been up all night once again.Sometimes this old bag of bones just won’t let me sleep so I give in to it and cook up a pot of coffee.It’s strange at this age to pull the proverbial “all nighter” a thing I didn’t do much even in my younger versions.I have learned to enjoy it though even if the cause is somewhat disconcerting.

…Guess it started a little over two years ago when I first arrived here at The Cats Castle.I was strung out from a 21 hour road trip with my very upset old friend Twinky.Upon arrival I took him into the bedroom and closed the door,we had brought in food and water for him along with a litter box figuring he’d need to acclimate for a few days before meeting the rest of his new cat family.Funny thing happened though,after nibbling at his food,getting a drink and checking out the litter box old Inky decided that it was time to explore.So since I was keyed up myself I put on a pot of coffee and decided to enjoy the night with him pounding away on Miss Leslie’s computer between trips out to the deck.

…As it happens the rest of the cat clan was more afraid of Inky than he was of them so it worked out pretty well for both of us.I spent a lot of time out on that deck through the night right up through sunrise the next day.So these days when I feel the bod rejecting the idea of allowing me to sleep I just head for the kitchen and cook up the coffee.Aside from losing my old friend about a year ago it’s been a great experience this new life that has adopted me.

…Miss Gloria moved out a few months back so it’s just Miss Leslie and I now,here happily serving out 5 Masters.We get out to the market and do our roadside hustle when we can and simply enjoy the magic we discovered in each other.It’s a simple quiet life we live,there is no “lifestyle” here just two old souls seemingly reunited for another round with each other here on the good earth.So that’s where I’ll leave you today without my usual prose filled messages from The Bully Pulpit or my attempt to poke fun at the world with The Daily drivel.Just a note on another night in communion with these old mountains waitin on the roosters to call me out to watch the sun come up.

..Oh and I should mention that I’m sure this entry is gonna send Ye Old Egometer over the 10,000 views mark.A little something I been waitin on for a while.Yall have a wonderful day now I have to go greet the sun…..

……………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……………

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2 Responses to The All Nighter

  1. Ginger says:

    Good Morning, Cat! Surely is a beautiful day!. I like you have noticed I requre less sleep, must mean I am not working and playing as hard as I used to right? No, I was out pulling weeds, laying down mulch, cut back the hedges and weed whacked the weeds, and STILL no sound sleep, So, when you find the solution, be sure to post it. Maybe the good Lord feels we need to see more of life before we see the brown side of the grass!! Plenty of time to rest then….LOL..Have a great day in the castle there with your lovely Ms. Leslie and the masters…..

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  2. friendjessie says:

    I would be interested in that solution also Cats. Just sometimes~~~~


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