Tales From The Roadside

…Well for the first time in a week we managed to get on out to the Roadside Market.It was hot and humid and being a Sunday pretty dang quiet.Sundays can be a real hit or miss propositon and this one was not looking to good.

…Along comes a lady with a young fellow in tow and fourtune smiled.She was very happy to pick up a couple matteresses we had out.Although one was paired with a box spring and the other with a roll away frame and we had to split it all up and just give the matteresses.As Leslie was chatting with her about her son,who will be picking her things up tomorrow,the Preacher I was chatting with the little fellow about trucks and trialers and such.

…While I’m talking I realize that this Lady has lightly grasped my hand…what?? I’m thinking.Well she had grasped hands with Leslie and I and was praying over us.Right there on the roadside in front of God and everybody.Now as expierences go at the Roadside Market this was not really a surprise or that unusual,different but not odd and being her son The Preacher was off to preach in Virginia tonight and being Sunday and all I took it in stride.

…Fast forward a few hot hours with not a customer to speak of and along comes a couple that used to run a thrift store and had once upon a time set up right out by Miss Leslie.A monsterous chat session ensues between the womenfolk while the fellow is digging everywhere and anywhere right on up into the big trailer with the hundreds of banaana boxes full of who knows what.Somewhere in this process I mention to the fellow that I’m thinking on picking up a table saw and trying my hand at building dressers.

…Well wouldn’t ya know this fellow happens to have a table saw,in fact he has two of them.Now add in the fact that he loves digging around our place to find stuff for his place and pretty soon a possible deal is discussed.Maybe an outright purchase or…..yup you guessed it maybe trade a big old pile of our smalls for his NEW,by the by, table saw that he has two of.

…Ya see it’s only been in the past week or so that I have firmly decided to attempt building my own line of dresses.They sell like crazy at our place used and I’m pretty sure I can move new ones too.Only trouble is as often happens you come up with a great idea and no money to implement it with.Indeed that is the case as the weather has cut deeply into our funds this month.Truth be told The Market hasn’t even made it’s rent this month and that is due in the morning.

…Funny how the Good Lord and the Universe will surprise ya every so often.We did make a chunk of that rent money,not all but some,I got a line on a much needed tool that I might simply trade for and five full boxes of smalls went down the road and the fellow will be back for more.Funny but I somehow have to figure it all goes right back to that Lady who grasped hands with us and prayed to The Lord for our success.

…Mind you I’m not a holy roller and don’t hold much with organized religon but I do believe in powers greater than ourselves and the law of attraction.Frankly if I had ever desired proof I certainly recieved it today.Think what ya like and believe as you see fit but this Old Cat counts himself and Miss Leslie the recipients of a small miracle today.Small miracle,not an earth stopping revalation just a little something to help us get by and keep doing what we do best for a while longer…

………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……………….

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2 Responses to Tales From The Roadside

  1. msperfectpatty says:

    It’s so wonderful to hear about these small testaments. This is a great story!


  2. Ginger says:

    God Bless you and Ms. Leslie too, Cat.


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