Souls They Do Take Flight

…Silent slivers of moonbeam sliding through the trees while children play at close of day in shadow of thier leaves.The dogs of night are calling in silent speak of hound as fields of grass prepare for morning’s dew to ground.People flit from here to there as cats of ridge soon will dare to hunt for whatever can be found.

…He goes here and she goes there on urgent errands running with thoughts of this or notions that when will the bills stop comming.Lost in dream of empires to build now for future comming there is no play at end of day when find exhausted sleep to dream of times where freedom finds that what soul does seek.

…With silent stealth and and reams of wealth the moon she slips into the sky to have and hold and be so bold as world turns on by.In restless sleep she walks in dreams of knight on mighty horse while next to her in dreamless slumber lays the man that was her choice.Of Maiden Fair his dreams are there but hidden from her sight as world turns and moonbeams burn on through the summers night.

…Come break of day now on seperate ways with sighs of dreams gone by she rus to here while he dashes there recalling then the Maiden Fair that haunted dreams of night.Needs must out they run about distracted by the means of living here where not to dare attempt to dream it seems.To sleep perchance to dream a fleeting thought flies by on mighty steed to do the deed that was lost within her sigh.

…On silent silver slivers again the moon comes calling casting magic moonbeams into their dreams come falling.He meets her there the Maiden Fair in forest dark and deep perchance to dream near bubbling stream as night with silence speaks.Deep in dream he’s falling on the wind his name she’s calling uninted in the night as Mistress Moon she see’s them swoon as souls they do take flight.

………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……..

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