Your “Super” Day

…Well the vaunted Super Sunday has come and gone with all the hype and hoopla that travels along with it.Miss Leslie had prepared a special dinner,not for the game day but just because she wanted to.A wonderful seafood and pasta dish that hit the table moments before kick off.I didn’t mind as no matter how hard I looked I just didn’t see any Green Bay Packers on the field.A little factoid that shall we say lowered my interest level a notch or two.
…It was a good game with a few entertaining commercials but as I said my interest level was not all that great.Come round about halftime as the vaunted Madada was hauled out I hastily reached for the remote.Not being a Madada fan in the slightest ANYTHING had to be better.
…The next nearest thing on ye ole booby tube was a three year old 60 minutes interview witn Miss Dolly Parton.Can’t say I’m a big fan of her either but being she’s a neighbor,just a hop down the 411 to the next town over,I settled on the show and thourghly enjoyed the piece.A delightful woman Miss Dolly and she had old Morley wrapped right around her little old finger as it were.
…As I watched in wonder at this woman from the Great Smoky Mountains who seems to have become almost larger than life I couldn’t help but to ponder my own arrival here in these old mountains.I have come to this time and place late in life,well seemingly late closing in on my mid fifties,and somehow have discovered some new facets to this old cat’s personality.
…The roots of these old mountains run deep into Mother Earth and the folks in these here parts…..Well they will surprise and delight you if ya give them a chance.There is magic here just outside my back door and I can easily see how The Long Island Lady went from New York to Florida and then landed here.She calls herself a “halfback” cause she started north,went south and ended up halfway inbetween and now here I am the smalltown boy who often wondered if he was in the right time and place.
…I don’t wonder anymore,I have come to realize that this is my destiny to be here with Miss Leslie and the Masters.This is not now nor has ever been a “budding young romance”.We are old souls who have been before and will be again lovers,partners and “soulmates” as the folks say these days.We who are of modest worldly means share a wealth of heart and soul that my humble ponderings have not the talent nor depth to explain with words.Leaving one to wonder if these old mountains reached out and brought our souls here to this time and place to LIVE the MAGIC that is life and love.
…Ponder,ponder let your soul wander and perhaps you may find those dreams that seem to haunt your mind.

……………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……………

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