What A Difference A Year Makes…..(or does it) 2011

….I sat on my porch and said good morning to the mountains as rooster began to crow and the dogs exchanged greetings.The highway’s song went silent and the train was not laboring on it’s way.I’m no longer at The Palace time and fate has brought me here to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.It’s 5 in the morning again on the Thanksgiving day and the mind is wandering and pondering what a difference a year can make.

…I am Master of this place I have fondly named The Cats Castle it has become home,the home I have not had in many a long year.My old friend Twinky (Old Three Fang) is here with me and has recently survived yet another event that could have taken hin “over the bridge” as they say about a cat’s passing.He sits next to me on the currently unoccupied other chair here in my little office,grooming,content,well fed and as always immensely pleased with himself and happy to be here with me as I am relieved and delighted to have him in my life for a while longer.There are four other friends somewhere here abouts doing their various catish things and one outside prowling the pre dawn darkness protecting our Castle’s lands and borders.

…Down the hallway the Lady Of The Castle yet sleeps in gentle repose.Yes I said Lady,a marvel of a woman who read between the lines of words that I pound to the great white page and somehow managed to see the real man who resides there.She caused the world to nearly stop turning with her bold determination to bring me here to this place so she could love this man she met in another lifetime,another time and place.A seamless bond has developed here and we joyously share this humble abode with our cat Masters and try to serve them well as we live this life we have found together.There is a passionately quiet affair going on here between the Lady and I as we relish in the magic of seamless bonded love and deep regard between man and woman in all the time honored ways of human affairs.

…I miss not much of my previous life as I believe that all the younger versions of self and the fates have combined to bring me here today to sit in front of this infernal machine and put to pages these the symbols of humanity.The mountains have embraced me and brought forth my spirit to travel them from clouded tops to misty valleys as I embrace again the miracle of my own life.I do miss my kids on occasion,the now young adults who took what their father imparted to them and eventually went about their own lives in the wide world.Somewhere along the line they began to teach me and that’s when I knew it was ok to let them fly solo.The oldest son has taught me to never stop learning while my daughter reminded me to never stop loving and the youngest son has taught me tolerance and to embrace change as opposed to struggling against it.There are many more things my children have taught me but this dissertation may never end if I count them all out here this early Thanksgiving morn.

…I used to walk the streets of my old hometown,a place I seldom traveled far from previous to coming here.In my oft then befuddled mind I would be thinking,wishing ,near to praying for a different time,a different place,a different reality.The spirit knew it was time to move on and now thanks to the powerful love of a beautiful woman I have indeed moved on.As I sat enjoying a smoke one evening outside the local auction house where we had gone for a little adventure I finally knew I had arrived.I have found my different time in this wonderful place with a marvelous woman to show me my next reality.

…So for my humble giving of thanks today I reflect and am thankful to where I’ve been,the people I have met and the few I have known.For the events that have conspired to bring me here to this place and for my new reality with a LIFE to live not an empire to build but most of all for this particular day I find I am most thankful to and for those three young adults who have raised their father well.

……A sad update to this story is my old friend Twinky passed over the Rainbow Bridge back in May of this year.I miss my old friend in ways that I can’t express but I am thankful for his friendship through many years of lonely times when I needed a friend.On the plus side the bond between Miss Leslie and I grows stronger and deeper every day.My old friend has left me in good hands.Be thankful on this the Day Of Giving Thanks my friends.For the souls that have been,are now and have yet to be a part of your life…..

……………..Thecatsman PhD/PPD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……………

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One Response to What A Difference A Year Makes…..(or does it) 2011

  1. Joyce says:

    Gosh car. Your vision of life could not be any more beautiful. Thank you for letting me see that with you through your writings. I always leave with a new perspective.


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