Saturday Comes Along

…Once upon a time the Saturday came to town restless dogs of night passing secrets all around.Wind she had been blowing up and down all knowing as twinkled stars were showing the way back home.Phase of moon now hiding darkened sky abiding the mountains silent strong.What mystery lies in wait as opens sunrise gate that denys appeal as darkness feels the stillness of the dawn.

…Cup of coffee steaming rustling leaves start scheming plans for open day.What do you know as waters flow from mountaintop on high.To live this day regrets at bay I wish,I may,go out to play in wider world seeing beauty there amongst the cares of mundanes that find the needing.To lose your mind perhaps then find heart and soul of being mine eyes have seen the glory and heart will tell the story of soul now searching ended.

…The rooster crows because he knows that daylight soon must break and sounds of night go quiet still soon the sun dispelling chill and bring dawns early light.Cats come in from darkness hunting stepping lightly in the dew now to rest they know is best as daylight comes anew.Behind the mountains majesty begins now loud and strong voices of the morning birds in chorus of their song.Wonderus world keeps on turning mistress sun will soon be burning sparkling dew upon the lawn so rise from rest and live your best as Saturday comes along.

……………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)…………….

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