(Relections of 9/11)

…There is an eerie sullen quiet in the great halls of my oft befuddled mind as I stand in the shadows,the wings of my personal stage.My Bully Pulpit awaits my ascension,bathed in a single white light casting one stark long shadow reaching to the curtains behind.So many thoughts and notions with mixed emotions have passed this way before and now the time is right,the time is now to walk in the deepest recesses of the mind,pausing long at the soul and with great humility bring to the great white page a combination of these strange symbols of humanity that will touch each and every one of those who sit in attendance in this my hallowed place.

…There are no notes or points of reference only a vague idea of something that needs to be said,an oration from behind the Bully Pulpit that weaves through the essence of all who would pass this way.Where shall I find these words of profound power to express what is at the moment a spark waiting to fuel the fire that burns within needing the release that only this venue can deliver.I have a theme my friends but I hesitate as I’m not sure my talents are worthy of what it is I need to say.The Wordsmith and Poet are in attendance and I call to the depth of my being for the courage to take my stand behind the Bully Pulpit and deliver the words that are worthy of the powerful feelings that have welled up inside me.Please to bear with me my friends as I make this attempt to put to page the power of those who have come before.

…Where were you on that fateful day,now so long ago but never far away………..you know the day I speak of here when the nameless,faceless dregs of humanity attempted to strike at our very souls.Ten years is a long span of time but I know we all can recall that fateful morning.I need not bring back to life the terror,the devastation and the raw incredulous disbelief of the events that befell us all,as I’m sure any American can tell you about that day.No this dissertation is growing in my mind and flowing to my fingers and out through the infernal machine as my heart and soul dictate it to me and where it leads I have only a faint idea.It’s not that I don’t know what I want to say it’s a question of whether I can assemble the thoughts and notions to page with the essence of feeling that drives them there.

…As the tenth anniversary of the day the Towers fell approaches I find my mind wandering to where I was and what has befallen this humble man since then.I was a lost lonely man back then just finishing with the raising of my youngest son.Today I live in east Tennessee with a wonderful American woman who just happens to be a native of Long Island.Times have changed and time has passed but sometimes it seems that only moments lie between me and the man who was me back then.I’m sure every member of this great nation recalls and will with reverence remember the events and those of our fellows who left this world that day.This pontification leads me more towards the now,today ten years from what seems like yesterday.

…Much has happened in time passing and some things may not be so great today.Our economy is in a shambles,we’re at war on several fronts,(God bless those who have served and serve today),jobs are hard to come by and times are getting hard for many these days.For me The Lady and I hustle up our shortfalls and needs along a stretch of highway here in Newport Tennessee,a place where America passes by every day.A flea market,or yard sale,the outdoor market as I usually call it.People came and go and The Lady from Long Island chats them up and sells a thing or three that I’ve hunted out for us.She often slips from her transplanted mild southern accent back into an unmistakable Long Island voice.A man from Philly came by the other day and it was like they were old neighbors conversing about the city.Me I tend to be quiet and observe the life and lives that pass our way and it has led me to the real theme of this now lengthy dissertation….

…We all felt the spirit of the USA rise even as those Towers were falling to the ground.People did what they had to do and sacrifices,great and small were made.Resolve hardened and even I vowed that very day never to forgive,never to forget.Here now ten years later I look at our great land and I see our troubles and struggles but out there on the roadside I see something else.I see what makes this country great and it’s not those in power who run it the best they know how,it’s not the jobs or lack of jobs,it’s not the soldiers off to war and certainly not the vaunted almighty dollar.The real spirit of this country is in WE THE PEOPLE,the men and women of this land.Each and every one who has been through good times and bad,thick and thin and still no matter what love this land and those who live in it.It has nothing to do with where you live or what you do no my friends the thing that makes this country great is………Y O U.

…………I am and humbly remain Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………..

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