…Welcome again the The Monday.This ABBA thing has got me off on a tangent this fine morning.I sometimes get emotional when I get to listening to music,it’s just one of them things and yes the occasional “eye shower” comes along.
..After my Drivel today I wandered off to you tube and cued up a 20 pack of ABBA tunes,much to The Lady’s pleasure and my own of course.But it has tossed a couple of the tracks of my oft befuddled mind to wondering,not wishing or regretting just wondering.Indeed I wonder what would have happened if The Lady and I had met when we were young,or perhaps did we?
…A dark smoke filled night club with the crystal ball spinning and the lights dancing with all the cool people bouncing and turning on the dace floor,the altar of the 70’s.Not a place for me though,no I was the perinial wallflower.The dance just was not for me but I sure did enjoy some of the music and the scenery if ya know what I mean.(wink,wink..nod,nod).
…Anywho back to the ponderation of the moment.Sheesh the 16 track stereo mind is wildly running the world today.I have often wondered what it would have been like to have met Miss Leslie back in those strange days.I can see her in my mind’s eye,indeed I can.The “Dancing Queen” full of life and energy without a care in the world going where the music leads.
…Ahh but the reality wanders back along and I realize that the version of me back then was a different man than I am today.Hence the title of this here little pontification cause ya see there is no going back and as someone once said…..If wishes were fishes…
…No we’ve had that discussion Miss Leslie and I and concluded that we might well have done each other in as our younger versions,espicaly in the afterglow of those “Disco Nights”..oh yes that would have been a mighty collision in ye ole sack….Perhaps though somewhere at some point in time our now old souls met as younger versions of us,just in a different lifetime.
…I used to think to myself through some long lonely years “a different time,a different place,a different reality”…Cuase you see I KNEW something better had to be out there if I could only find it.
…Well I found this internet thing and then this place and finally a kindred soul that somehow I had to be with.Within a few short months I found myself sitting outside a local auction house here in Newport.I looked up and down the road and then I knew I had found my different time,place and reality and it was right where I belonged.Yup I know Mr.Mushy came out to play today but that’s the way it went down people.
…So here we are The Lady and I right where we belong,when we belong and most importantly together the way we have been before and I’m quite sure now will be again.There is no woulda,coulda,shoulda my friends only opportunities to find the true happiness and blessings of being HUMAM.The question becomes do you have the vision to see and the courage to reach out and TAKE the life you so think you desire or will you be forever a wallflower at the dance of life?

…….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Retired)……..

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3 Responses to Woulda…Shoulda…Coulda…

  1. rumpydog says:

    I’m glad you danced!!!!


  2. Joyce says:

    Another light bulb moment for me. Thanks Chris.


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