Heart’s Will

…Fireflies dance as songbirds prance in and among the trees while dogs of night lie quiet still and cats prowl the darkness in silent gentle breeze.Highway song on hold as man has not yet disturbed this darkest hour before the dawn while drops of dew come into dim view out upon the lawn.Cup to hand I view this land with eyes still hazed from sometimes restless sleep as roosters crow and nature knows the sun soon trees will crest it is this magic hour of the day that brings my mind to rest upon the dreams of haunted night with pondering here and wandering there I give to wordsmith’s keep.Will he be off to mountaintop to dance up in the clouds or perhaps again to go within and hunt the dusty chambers of my mind.A glace to here a vistage there thoughts to come and words will flow from somewhere deep inside one must decide and then abide by whatever passes there. 

…Days will come and then to go one must weather winter’s snows to reach the springtime of your soul stand naked on mountain’s peak.Dreams did come and lifetime go as soul had wandered to and fro amid the masses going for gold of empires legacy building.The self reduced as parent deduced needs of family first and all the while wearing smile heart and soul did thirst.There was no plan for man to stand alone in deep reflection then to begin the look within and find that he was wanting as down inside there did reside another man restless spirit haunting.Contracts made and bills then paid as time marched on and silent song restless soul did keep he placed his bets without regrets found the joy of children racing up and down and all around till his nest they left behind and alone again he wandered then into unsettled mind.

…A stumble here then tripping there ever so slowly became aware of new self waiting birth to take from old with new to mold combined a man became so bold reached to worlds wonders.Wishes became fishes and I the fisherman to cast his net aside regret to depths of soul profound.Investments made his cards then played discovered journey to be made that ended in real world to be found another soul help make whole became man once again.To find the end you must begin with winter’s bitter chill and stand alone with soil stone submit then to heart’s will.

 …Fireflies dance as songbirds prance in and among the trees while dogs of night lie quiet still and cats prowl the darkness in silent gentle breeze…………..

………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……………………

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