From The Lady…

“The Mountain Folk”
The “Mountain Folk” came to shop at the Flea Booth yesterday.
The old rusty truck with the “Son” driving, Ma in the passenger seat and brother and his woman in the truck bed.
They have come down to buy from me ever since I set up three years ago. The old Dad used to be with them but he is gone now. Ma wears what must be his old trousers and flannel shirts with a bandanna on her head. The “Boys” have open shirts no matter what the weather and old disheveled caps. Everyone looks as though they could use a shower and a laundromat…but….I have an affinity for that old lady…Once she bought some lingeree from me, nice lingeree..and we shared a secret smile….last time they were here she was recovering from the flu, and stayed in the truck. I went up to the truck window to speak with her and found out it was her 83rd birthday. I found a lovely hand knitted vest embellished with knitted florals in blue and grey. that had been waiting for just the right customer…Perfect! I brought it over and asked her if she would wear something like that. her eyes lit up a bit and I said , Well that’s good, because it’s your birthday present”
Yesterday, Mother’s Day, here they come, and she gets out of the truck a little slowly I think…over to the table where a blue and white display of English China lies. “I used to have dishes like these when I was a young gal….but they all got burnt up in the fire, lost it all in that fire…” she murmered…
A customer needed my attention and when I next noticed the old gal she was headed toward me with 2 “Pre-worn” blouses and an antique flour sifter….
I put the blouses in a bag and glanced at the $4.99 price tag on the sifter…handed it to her with a hug and said , “Happy Mother’s Day”….. There is just somethng about that old lady I just love!

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