The Ten Dollar Day

…We went to the roadside market to ply our chosen trade under sunny skies wispy clouds on high we began our day setting out our wares then did our cares slowly slip away.People come and people go and some they find a treasure or so but all with friendly greeting because you see for she and me it’s all about the meeting.Some drive by and with a sigh don’t see what they think are needing while others look high and low before they go as sometimes it’s all about the seeking.On most days there she tweaks the wares and flits from here and then to there with smiles washing everywhere while I sit aside and do abide to watch the passings see then now exactly how this humble man without a plan was guided to this place.Was lost now found and turned around to find life of simple grace.

…As day unfolds we never know what for profit it may bring as some thy come while others go and higyway’s song will sing.It’s then and there amongest the wares we sit together minds a wandering then to pondering as conversation ebbs and flows and smiles come as laughter goes on breezes for to sing.The day is slow folks come and go and not much profit bring.Now this may seem as all a dream but at end of day are bills to pay as life does come with strings yet words still come and laughter goes off to mountaintop where clouds they know how to ebb and then to flow over top on high and valley low no matter what life brings.

…Life is a dance so take the chance to slip between the strings and worry not that day was hot some ten dollars for bills did bring.What matters more to shop life’s store with eyes of wonder amidst the thunder to find that heart can sing just sitting there with tender care as hearts together bring.If wishes were fishes say you so hard it is I try to place the bet and no regret the win or lose it brings but plans were laid bills must be paid I can’t answer freedoms ring.Comes my reply from clouds in sky will you hear me on this day.It is for you this wish is true for you to find your way outside the lines for self define your life begin anew as this I say to you do hope and pray that you may have your very own Ten Dollar Day…….

……………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………..

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