Tuesday’s Way

…Once upon a time the Tuesday rolled around,storms had moved along left the soaking ground.Chill now on breeze with moisture dripping from the trees as birds begin and night time ends and darkness yet holds ground.Twas the eve of day before the mundane Monday brought to fore a classic day of spring with sun abounding and warmth surrounding the birds as they did sing.Busy world basking people off to tasking as cats lazed in the shade until at will natures thrill came running through the glade.

…Breezes blowing nature knowing what now lies in store as blue sky gives way to grey and marching storms galore.Thunder playing ping pong with mountains up on high as clouds they clash and lightning slash slicing through the sky.Natures mighty rumble while the people stumble for cover from the storms as vaunted man now becomes but pawn in mother natures game running,ducking,shucking seeking shelter from the rain.Thunder sounding rain drops pounding assaulting mountain plain waters gather trees now lathered in her pounding rains.If you haven’t yet you’d better bet get sheltered from the pain that she could bring with storms that sing as thunder pounds and lightning slings charged arrows to the ground.

…Mountains swell as nature yells and simply has her way all through the night with time of fright mixed in with pouring rains.Rain drops pounded into ground sheets of water all around begins the end and rushing down mountains shoulders broad.First a trickle then not so fickle released from sky to mountain high and then to rush on down dancing prancing hard romancing cutting gullies in the ground.Waters joined from natures loins to streams and rivers travels now on it’s way at break of day to rivers oceans pounding as up and down and all around her release has finished sounding……

…………….The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……………..

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