“Bibles Are Free”

…Misty morning birdsong hanging gently in the trees while still the darkness reins as yet there is no breeze.Wandering spirit floats up mountainside with ease seeking source of magic waters rushing by then in rivers flowing onward to the sea.The clouds have filled to mountaintop life’s waters overflowing and still the spirit wanders destination not yet knowing.In the distance drones highway song where rubber meets the road while dogs of night now silent in shelter from the cold.

…Shadow cat on railing lurks as man from land of snow he sits with coffee cup to hand.His mind is wandering then to pondering all the wonderous things he’s seen since coming to new land.Spirit plays as break of day the rooster he is cawing up in the clouds and all around a gentle rain starts falling while cup to lips the man he sips and memories come calling.Twas another day not far away at roadside market there did play a magic twist and then a turn of fates to teach that one should learn how joyful life can be.

…On sunny day as breezes played came to market see displayed wares and daily offerings Lady fair of graying hair with wisdom on her brow.Gaze now here then bright eyes there seeking looking for treasure fair the hunting pleasure brings.People come every day to seek their treasure in this way while from the sidelines watching I see what may hold sway.A book to hand she did take it happened was a Bible.A look of joy lit on her face as pages gazed where names are entered lost or found exclaimed with joyous sound these are my kin within these pages I have found.Now how a bible that did begin being owned by her kin came to be with me that day had to have been magic’s sway I thought while watching there.She hugged her treasure to her chest and of my Lady did behest my dear what would be your fee.Without hesitation and I’m certain not a reservation her joy I was to see as my lovely Lady simply said the Bibles dear are free……

………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………..

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