A Sunday Morning Lesson(From The Bully Pulpit)

…Ya know I toss a lot of words around and every so often it’s how others react to my wanderings and ponderings that ends up putting the real meaning to what the Wandering Wordsmith digs out of the dusty chambers of my oft befuddled mind.As anyone who happens across my words knows I like to spin out those words and turn phrases into something that ebbs and flows across the page,but every so often I wander back down to earth and just toss them words out as they happen to occur to me.Yesterday was one of those days and while a fun little blog was let loose it was this morning after reading through the comments that yet some more simple thoughts happened on by.
…So here again I find the need to repost in a slightly different context a previous piece with some “morning after” meanderings.First yesterday’s piece and some reactions to it and then the slight addition that put a whole new spin on the matter to hand.

Saturday Night Special
…Ya know I luvs watching the Lady ply her trade.Out at the roadside market where she “chats them up” and has a smile and kind words for any who happen by.The way she handles herself is fascinating to watch and produces wonderful results too but today she has simply out done herself with some copy she wrote for an E-Bay add.All I can say is I hope she NEVER puts my scraggly old arse up for auction on the E-Bay.Take a read of this and yall will see what I mean…lol..

…”We are offering, from our collection, this 5 measuring Cup BROMWELL Antique Flour Sifter…..

This sifter brings back memories of my grandmother’s pantry….a walk-in pantry….with shelves lined with untencils and kitchen ware such as this and the most pleasant aroma….as if “apple turnovers” were just a short while from being offered to lucky grandchildren…..

I understand the passion that people have for these Womens’ “Tools” from yesteryear….Just a glance brings back the most pleasant of memories….”

……..Guess I’d best be behaving myself here around The Castle……..

…”Cats….. Ever think that there may be a possibility that the love you give her every day may have a positive influence on her creativity?? I have read and enjoyed your stories of your life with the beautiful Queen in the Castle on high! I can only hope that someday, somehow, I can be fortunate enough to find my own such Queen! Thank you for sharing these stories with us”….

…”I wish I had my mothers ‘ancient’ Singer sewing machine with the foot pedal. It was so beautiful with the wrought iron scrolls on the side”…

…”We just sold one of those sewing machines a couple of weeks ago. It was not a “Singer” but an “Eldredge” from about 1912. found in a storage shed at an estate sale. Two old guys showed up with a car loaded with their yard sale purchases and had to completely unload their car to get the machine in the trunk and stuff everything else they had bought back in”…

The Lesson:
…The antique and vintage pieces I come across “speak” to me.I know that I must rescue them so others can enjoy and posess these fine old things.The hard part is to resist the temtation to “fix them up some”…You think a little TLC would make them more attractive but time and again these things prove to attract a certain kind of customer that wants them as is….I think there is a lesson there for many fine folks “searching for the right one”…People as they age become more refined and special and should be appreciated “as is”……The only “deal breakers” or barriers to our happiness in this world are the ones we put up OURSELVES…

………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret..)………….

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One Response to A Sunday Morning Lesson(From The Bully Pulpit)

  1. Joyce says:

    Wow!.. That sums it up for me. That is exactly the conflict I find and it has to come from both sides resisting that temptation to “to fix it up a bit” and not excepting “as is”. Sort of like this old house, I bought it for it 1938 character that reminded me of my home growing up, those oak wood floors, glass door handles. Thanks for sharing that insight Chris.


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