A Guest Post

A View from The “Positive Aspect”
by lkavour92 at 3/5/2011 8:00:31 AM

I have had occasion, lately to think on the events of this past year.
It is remarkable to me the change that has entered my life…A metamophasis from a solidly overweight, mature lady, obsessed with the political vagaries in this Country, spending an inordinate amount of time in the recliner, ranting at the TV screen and posting on “Drudge”. To a busy, active slimmer version of myself,more like the 40 year old version!
Enter DH!….Something to talk about besides the “Rise and Fall of the American Empire”. Photos and conversation from a bevy of interesting, humorous, and bright people, right there on my screen…Right there! How Nice!
Then…. ONE in particular, whose writings amused me, interested me, and following his words, I found myself following the man…
Impulsive, Whirlwind Life Decisions were made. A couple of people, who had “Been in the desert” emotionally for a long while, fell into each other’s arms and started down the road together…A lot of thoughts circulated in the quiet moments , in that car, on that ride from Wisconsin Rapids to Newport TN.
9 months later…we are “Mainstream”. We live together, work at our little business together, have “birthed ” a new online business…and “Romance” is thriving..way way better than those first tentative weeks…deeper with a firm grasp of how “SOLID” we are to each other…
All the warnings about “Online Relationships” were tossed to the wind, and a May /December love beween two people with absolutely no “Financial Security”, No long term “Getting to know you stage”…Miraculously, has worked! It’s “Seamless” and when I gaze over at this man, reading his novel at night, my heart is full…and I thank GOD that we were as “Impulsive” and “Reckless” as were were.
We caught the “Ring”…because we jumped up and reached out for it. When ever I read of another couple, I am happy, ..I see them, “In my minds eye” jumping up, and reaching out…for the “RING”

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2 Responses to A Guest Post

  1. Joyce says:

    Leslie, I am always fascinated by the story of how you and Chris came to “be” a couple. It gives others hope that they too will find what you did and that it is not just wishful thinking on our part. Maybe in another blog you can share what you will, the thoughts that were going through your mind when you took that “leap of faith” that made you grab hold and not let go.

    Thank you for a wonderful story, I try to learn from your and Chris’s writing so that I may change the thinking process that makes all that possible. Many happy years are ahead for us all, I want mine to happen too.


  2. Serena Devi says:

    Dearest, my information about your encounter and its unfolding comes from tracking down Chris’s writing over the last year… The love I saw and recognised in him… is an unwritten book in each person… I admire both of you, for the courage to jump in love and let the rest disolves in her beauty and truth. I only could pray that the one I love find his courage and let our love story unfolds… stay in love …you are beautiful people and bring more into life by living as an example….Many blessing Serena


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