Freedoms Ring

…A gentle blanket of January darkness has settled upon the land dogs of night speaking to one another across the hills,voices echoing in the misty air.Highway song sings sullenly of debts not yet paid and maybe of adventures with memories not yet made.I sit in contemplation of times that have gone by without the burning longing that used to fill my sky.Cat of guard is roaming borders of peaceful castles lands and inside the door another busily makes demands.All is well here on this midwinter’s night as Lady sits and paints as is her hearts delight and I sit to pound on keys so embossed with symbols of humanity dispensing thoughts and notions with sometimes mixed emotions as often pleases me.

…The heart at peace seems sometimes not has much to say as eyes they watch the beauty that comes and goes each day.Deep inside the chambers that occupy my mind the wandering wordsmith still ponders places been uncounted troubles past surmounted followed heart,mind,soul then traveled there to here where did begin life again is new man for to see.I sit sometimes in misty haze while eyes they take an inward gaze and discover that where the journey started is now where troubles end.To live this life forsaken strife and know the joy of freedoms ring anticipate what will morning bring when sun she rises new this is what I choose for me…what will it be for you………..

……………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……………..

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