Winter’s Soul

…All the trees draped in leaves of winter’s snowy white while up and down and all around mother nature’s chilly blanket gently rests on ground.The air is thick with silent still with just a touch of winter’s chill as cloud communes up on the hill and looks for wisdom there.Dogs of night gone silent as rooster’s song begins but highway song has been and gone and day has not yet started.I sit in still of winter chill and drink of beauty there and strain to see what will be through misty haze of air.

…The pages of our lives they turn as time it sometimes seems to burn and pass us quickly by to leave us only memory of times that have gone by.Do you have a photograph in the album of your mind of places been where did begin the life you live today or perhaps your life now filled with strife seems on empty burns.Worn with cares have entered there brings struggles at the turn and leaves you there with weighted cares as soul for freedom yearns.Is your heart now simply jaded as joys from life have faded and left you standing there knowing only chills of winter thrills as beauty eyes can’t see to look around and miss the sound of heart with joy still beating.

…Embrace your life aside the strife of world heart surrounding bring to fore the power that lies in soul astounding.It’s up to you find path through to happiness and peace a choice to make and path to take there is no time to hesitate up the mountain you must go.Stand naked there without a care and feel the thrill of winter’s chill knowing springtime brings and do abide look deep inside to see the beauty there.To live this life without daily strife is a choice for self to make as to embrace the power of universe surrounding it’s up to you if feel so blue or go live life astounding.

…The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way as sun begins to break the day so on my way I’ll go.To feel the chill of winter’s thrill before sun she melts the snow.What will it be for me to see in beauty of today as life surrounds and with leaps and bounds the heart is off to play…….

……………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………..

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One Response to Winter’s Soul

  1. wrensong says:

    Charming free float of words that even in the still winter air shape poems in the mind and memories of other beauties, snows delicate and brief.


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