Turning 30…Life (my daughter’s words)

…I’ve had some interesting thoughts going through my mind as of late and I’m not sure how to fit them all into words.So I don’t know why but coming up on 30 has been an adventure and a stress for me lately.Most people say 30 don’t bother you but it does me.I moved through life losing touch with a lot of people for a lot of reasons,and then come back across some as well.I believe that everyone in your life serves a purpose for you somehow even if they don’t remain a big part of it they are always there.Whether it be for you to reflect on or to cross paths again someday they are always there.If a part of your past that you didn’t ever want to remember again comes about then it is time to face it and maybe make your amends and if a part of your past comes about that you  missed it then maybe the reason why should be considered.

…There are a lot of things in this world that change us people.Some make us strong,some make us cold,some make us emotionless over time and we shut the world out.It’s how you choose to deal with it,but there is always that one person you may cross paths with again and again that in some strange way understands this and hears this and gets it.Let them listen.The past is not always something we wanna go back to,and sometimes it is,but either way our connections are always a part of who we are somehow.

…I guess over the last 15 years or so my outlook on things has really been up and down and changed dramatically.I’m not looking out the window anymore or looking in the window.Instead I’m opening it and sticking my head out.I am an odd person I guess.I am cautious at times but very trusting.I see the good in someone before I ever consider the bad because the bad is a coverup for hurt and sorrow and struggles past that need someone to hear them,and need to heal.So most people leave things be I usually don’t and I do catch some grief for it but that’s me and I’m not changing anytime soon.

…Keep the ones you love however it is possible to keep them,they fit somewhere.I also believe things shouldn’t be left unsaid because tomorrow may not be there to say them.I talk a lot,but I listen too.People will always see things in you before you do or maybe its just that you don’t want to see them until that moment when you face them.That’s why I myself don’t mind being told sometimes. I am human I do take offense to some things but I get over it.Let go of grudges and see that if life was easy there wouldn’t be a lesson learned from each and everything that takes place in it.I know easier said than done even I have a few now that haven’t gone yet.So catching up with old friends has been part of my adventure and life my stress,but hey It’s all how you take it and whether you run with it or stand still I guess.If life had a pause button for so many moments that have passed by us or a fast forward button for the ones we wanted to pass us by;but here we are….still moving.

………………….P.J.Droste 12/27/10…………………

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3 Responses to Turning 30…Life (my daughter’s words)

  1. Joyce says:

    Wow, what a great observation to ponder. The apple sure did not fall far from the tree on this lovely piece. Very pleasant reading. Thank you.


  2. Chris/PJ Droste, yep she definitely inherited her father’s artistic brain for writing. PJ, your write went through my soul like an arrow. Amazing how you think you know yourself so well, then a beautiful mind can open up so many windows for viewing. I realize now that I bought this 3 bedroom 2 bath house in this small tucked away town in the country because I was looking out the windows instead of looking in. I tell myself that I am protecting my heart and soul from the hurt that I have endured most of my life. I kept telling myself, I am safe and secure in this house that is much to large for one person and is in the middle of nowhere, when in all essence I am and have been cheating myself from life and all the beauty it could hold for me. I have become strong in many ways but I really didn’t realize that deep down inside I was shutting the world out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul Chris and P. J., I know changes don’t happen over night but I feel that I have obtained many keys.


    • Paula J Droste says:

      I am thorughly impressed that any one person could take this too heart to see themselves in a new and more fascinating perspective.thank you to all have read this piece that I sat down and strewn out just because it was what I was thinking at the time.Every once in awhile I may surprise myself,but I never expect to surprise others.


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