Winter’s Thrill

…Winter’s chill can bring a thrill on breezes now gone cold.To stand outside on mountaintop and be so bravely bold as dogs of night go silent and rooster calls for day.The highway song in silence train is resting on the hill as humble man without a plan bends words is quiet still.Leaves on ground now look around and see through forest near with life exposed to elements of mother nature’s will.

…Winter’s bleak is not for meek as snow embraces land while walk on beach reveals naught but frozen sands and down by bay where once wave played ice now meets the land.The clouds move in and snow begins to first dust top of hill will you dread or look ahead and see now winter’s thrill.Lands exposed as cold wind blows and only mother nature knows when spring arrives again.Babbling brooks gone silent white blankets draped on land naked trees stand silent reaching skyward as they plan.

…Man’s arbitrary year soon now draws to close as old will end and new begin while deep in winter snows.Some pause reflect as others bet on future clean and bright to live today let past not sway will see direction right.Some concieve and do believe there is a Holy Light and others dare to have no cares while nature has her night.Much like man in nature’s plan she rests through winter’s days and dreams at night of wonderlands to come with springtime play.So take a care in winter airs as mother nature slumbers while pages turn and candles burn remember days just numbers.The past is gone sing todays song as future not yet written and when go outside please do abide and be sure to wear your mittens………….

………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………..

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