Heart’s Abode

…The dogs of night fell silent as the leaves all went to still and rooster’s call had not yet crossed the darkness up on hill.Silent stillness had settled upon the Mother Earth as dawn of new day restlessly awaited morning’s birth.I sat in storied silence in the dark before the dawn watching with great reverence as dew did drape with softest grace to blanket then the lawn.Magic rules the world in this stillness yet is night with chill in air sans any care I wait now on the dawn.

…Nature’s changing rearranging colors on the hill as breeze of chance takes leaves to dance a silent bird does shrill.Rustling leaves now dance in breeze’s gentle sway as rooster crows so all will know it’s time to break the day.The mind has left for journey and body waits behind with cup to hand smokes favorite brand enduring morning’s chill.The mind has gone a wandering somewhere up on hill to watch the change and rearrange that portends the winter’s chill.Not with dread mind looks ahead for soul’s road next to take the former selves have been put to shelves new road now for to take.

…A humble man without a plan who did reside in northern land met soul of woman traveled.Lives had been dark then with a spark did magic start as she did see his need be free and plan began unraveled.Love came to be she set him free his mind now wanders mountains majesty as day breaks on the land and in the dark she holds his heart their souls have now joined hands.They live a life accept no strife to wander here meander there as each to the other’s loving care give heart,mind,soul they did conceive and to believe now live the happy ending.

……………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……………

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2 Responses to Heart’s Abode

  1. lkavour92 says:

    While I talk my way through my imaginations….This author turns his thoughts into an operatic solo, soaring and melodic…A brilliant gift of a man…


  2. Joyce says:

    I agree lady of the castle is a lucky lady and Catsman is a lucky man to have such visions of each other like no other. Once again, life as it should be. Everyone should be blessed with the visions Catsman has, this world and all the glory would come into focus for all.


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