…Good morning my Lady love.I am near to wordless again as  waking thoughts go right to you.Coffee outside with you,the brush of a hand,a gentle smooch,that look from across a room.The sly smiles we wear as the small town tounges wag at our walking by.So many thoughts of those things we need to and will share,the daily little simple things of everyday life.Let’s see what we can create in the kitchen together as she brushes up against him knowing that his passions awake with ease.LIFE my lover,life of man and woman with a deeply profound magical love to share in their simple life in the mountains and valleys that I’ve dreamed of seeing since I was a teenager.Neither of us born to the world we will share our fates leading us there to be together..Domestic bliss if you will and all the while each knows that should they want a more intimate touch,if desire wells up inside the advances towards passions wish are always welcome.He sits in the early morning light as these thoughts dawn on him and love rises over the horizen.Well my Lady Love I guess I found some words anyway such a marvel and inspiration you are to me the humble man without a plan who has been seduced by the sly New York woman.Hmmm small town boy meets big city girl in the Mountains of Tennessee seems about right to me my love…..

…It seems to me by the powers that be the stuff of dreams came true so here I am before day begins to share these words with you…….

…………Thecatsman PhD (school of hard knocks..Ret.)…………………..

…Each day unfolds and we are “Peeled Away”. ..Small discoveries within each other..a more intimate knowledge, my lips form a slight smile at the man’s morning discourse, in admiration and wonder sometimes at his depth of expression. With no dearth of words myself, I am left in the dust by the wealth of expression in this man’s heart..How pleasant it is and how “gifted” I feel that destiny has chosen us to experiment with in her most playful and passionate manner. To gaze upon your lover, and smile at your “Wealth of life” is the surprising and “real life” event in the lives of two mature souls who bravely reached out …and grabbed the ring.

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2 Responses to Letters

  1. Ginger says:

    Beautiful. I wishr all could feel that love


  2. Serena Devi says:

    Dear Chris, I am so pleased to see you are so much in love with your lady, life and new place… Enjoy and stay in bliss… Write from heart more and more… passion for life is a strong motivator… I do miss those kind of writings on your blog… remember my friend… some of us are still in waiting to be with our charming prince/ess. Many blessing. Serena


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