Celebrate This Day

…Sleep elusive thoughts reclusive early morning fog is a haze in mind that plays well before the dawn.Pundits pounding words from out of crooked mouth and news is bad politicians glad there are things to hawk about.What leads to restless rising so long before the dawn when life is still yet up the hill highway sings it’s winding lonesome song.Cats need feeding mind receding as soul begins to wake and wishes me to set him free for wonderous journey take.

…Soul leaves body far behind for coffee time to wake the mind and up to mountain top does go.A place to be and for to see the clouds begin their show.For now it’s rain that travels plains and soon to be surrounding me a cloud will come to rest.Upon the mountain’s timeless peak soul stands naked for to seek the wisdom of the ages.Time marches on with rights and wrongs as earth she turns her pages.

…Some stars wink as others blink and cloud descends from sky soul stands bold as cloud takes hold to beguile mountain high.Deep within where life begins this journey soul will take up and down and all around till sun she comes to wake.When cloud rolls on and sun is strong her warmth she shares with soul that dares to walk now on the earth high on mountain with rebirth for this a brand new day.To have to hold to be so bold and live this life abandon strife that passed in depth of restless night with rooster crow I now go to celebrate this day….  

…………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)…………………

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