Crossing The Bridge

…To briefly mourn a friend is to celebrate your time left on Mother Earth and to know that your friend will be there to welcome you to the next incarnation of self.We do not grieve for those who depart this world,we grieve for those of us who remain………..

…The grey beard grows merrily on it’s way as sun she comes to mountain top again for to play and spirit wanders off in search of what life has in store today.Down in valley shadows prance as light and dark spin time honored dance.The day begins shift as nighttime’s moon retires and yet another soul to next dimension travels as the rest of us await a life time to unravel.

…Who will you be and what will your spirit see as sun traverses sky have you followed road and learned  behold the world with mind’s eye.To look within and so begin to grasp the concept self then see around that life abounds you must get off the shelf.Set spirit free and then to be dancing with the clouds as they embrace whatever place they wrap themselves around.

…I’ll take the high road you take the low road it matters not to me as either way if spirit plays then you are truly free….

……………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………

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One Response to Crossing The Bridge

  1. Thecatsman says:

    This is my real tribute to one who always encouraged me to follow my spirit wherever it wished to lead me.I would likely not be here where I am nor have become so prolific with my words were it not for the encouragement of my friend who has moved on and a few that yet remain.I wear no mask this or any other day for our time here is way to precious to not let my spirit play.Celebrate this precious life and those who help you live it.


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