Saturday Rises

…Once upon a time Saturday morning came rolling along with roosters calling to the dogs who had a hidden agenda.A mountaintop bathed in fog as the highway sang it’s song and told the tale of all who came along.The sun crested the trees to begin feeding again the leaves that soon will begin the dance of fall.Crimson colors,yellows bright,all manner of hues to dance for you who take the time to see that joy of life to have no strife is waiting there to please.

…I listen there without a care the message on the breeze of change impending season ending what will mind’s eye see.I never know when begins the glow of daylight then impending what shall it be this day to me will bring before it’s ending.A simple man without a plan it is my pleasure for to be I listen there without a care waiting for to see.The sun she burns away the dark of night as some birds sing with morning bring and humans they take flight.Waves of light flow up the mountain burning dew then from the trees as roosters crow and life aglow along the tops of trees begins again without an end the cycle life impending it’s up to you to feel the dew that brings the happy ending.

……………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………..

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