The Cat

…Some days you wish it was all just a dream,one that would fade with the rising sun when she tops the mountain.I could have used that morning today but alas here it is some little after five PM and it turns out I’m awake after all.Positive thoughts and energy are fighting with remorse and anxiety as I ponder what will be the fate of a very old friend.My old friend Twinky,the cat whose man I am,had to be hauled off to the vet this morning.He’s picked up what seems to be a respiratory infection but had no interest in food or drink today as the Masters here at The Cats Castle gathered for their breakfast.A call was placed to a compassionate vet and appointment secured for this old cat who has been my close friend since the day some 13 years ago when he adopted me as HIS human.

…Thankfully it was a short ride to the vet as this cat despises car rides and as always let’s me know his disapproval.At least we managed without a kennel as that really ticks him off.The poor old cat suffered the indignity of having his temperature taken,the hard way,and got a couple needles full of stuff injected into him and I was advised that he should remain at the vet’s so he can be observed and treated.Needless to say neither he nor I were pleased at this turn of events and of course my fears of losing this old friend have been at the fore all day.

…A call to the vet a short while ago resulted in a “no change” in answer to questions of his condition.Of course he’s only been there for a few hours and I wouldn’t expect any treatment to work that fast.So I will be spending the night without my old friend in residence for the first time in many years.Adding to my anxiety is the fact that this cat was once before at death’s door and survived due to a weeks worth of kind ministrations by another compassionate care giver.I have been trying to be stoic and calm over the situation but it has not been an easy day for me as that old cat’s soul is more human to me than many people I’ve met in my lifetime and I don’t wish to part ways with him just yet.

…So here I am pounding on these the symbols of humanity in an attempt to ease my mind and heart as nature takes her course with my old friend.Maybe a silly thing to some but it’s all I can do to not think about that old soul having to suffer.This is just my form of prayer maybe and the only way I know how to keep my positive energy flowing from me to Sir Twinky otherwise know as Old Three Fang an overinduldged,overly affectionate 16 pound black cat that has kept me company on many a lonely night before the Lady discovered us and brought us home to this The Cats Castle.

…That’s all I have for this particular day.No fancy words or phrases to turn no profound pontifications to burn upon the great white page.No for today I’m just human and worried for my friend.

…………….I am and shall remain…The Cat’s Man………………

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5 Responses to The Cat

  1. bekabunnie says:

    I hope and pray your fine owner gets well soon, and remember that sometimes being stoic is overrated ~ weakness is not weak, it’s human ❤ much love to Sir Twinky and all our old friends who make life livable


  2. josh says:

    Well let’s hope he turns out ok. I hate to see that poor old cat go so soon. As it is inevitable that someday the day will come when he is gone but now is not the time we wanna see that happen. On the other side I know where there are kittens!!! 🙂


    • Thecatsman says:

      KITTENS…….There are 5 other cats in residence and Twink just got done teaching the youngsters who is boss so I think I’ll pass on kittens…The vet didn’t seem to worried but ya know what that old cat has already been through..


  3. Thecatsman says:

    “The Cat” is home and resting comfortably I am most relieved to say….


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