Silent Speak

…The moon passed over the mountains casually setting before break of day as the chorus of crickets escorted him on his wandering way.The day grew darker in preparation for the dawn as cloud settled on mountain top and damp slipped down the mountainside to settle on the lawn.A whisp of fog drifted down and took a look all around as I and my coffee sat quietly in welcome of the play.In lustful solitude I sat there alone while stars silently winked and tired eyes blinked in anticipation of new day.

…One sometimes seeks this solitude of the dawn as sleep can be elusive and spirit to early morning darkness is drawn.I marvel at the echoing silence found settled before dawns early light as even the highway song has faded into night.It’s not of lonesome necessity I find my spirit here to find a silent pleasure as the stars draw to near.They wink and blink in silent speak as soul of man with joyous freedom runs through the silent solitude and plays amidst the fog and clouded mountain top anticipates the dawn.The sun she will wander soon and touch the mountain strong and spirit will return before the breaking dawn.

…Refreshed and blessed the man he then will be as nothing but simply nothing can keep him from being free.Freedom lies inside the soul not the mind nor heart and this I find down deep inside sitting here in dark.Mother nature knows as earth she is refreshed and heart,mind soul do listen to mother who knows best.Life is for the living not the styling thereof as you can decide and then abide to accept the deeper love of mother sun and father moon and the stars that wink above.Soon for just a moment the world will be still and heart,mind,soul will bask in pre dawn’s early chill.I am alive and blessed and then refreshed my mother she is kind and I ponder wonder then what for you and thine.

……………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………

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