…Ya know I was sitting outside with my morning transfusion of coffee to hand pondering the reading around here as of late.I thought it may be time for another ranting blog about all the crap being seen around here and Lord knows there is enough of it.As I sat waiting on the sunrise a conversation from last night came to mind and I decided to let the crap roll on down the road and take care of itself.
…You see the Lady is teaching me a thing or two as time marches on and the most important lesson is involved in the laws of attraction.She simply refuses to let any form of negative enter our little world here at The Cats Castle.We focus on the happy and positive aspects of life and let the negative roll on down the road.This is an easy thing to do once you simply decide that good decent deserving people will have their needs met and be free to enjoy this little thing called LIFE.
…There is no need to stress the little things that the world sends our way as by virtue of who we have been and who we are today those little things,and near to all “issues” are LITTLE things,simply work themselves out to a satisfactory ending and we are free to enjoy each other and this growing love that resides here and mind you the secret to this seamless bond is nothing and I mean NOTHING comes before our relationship with each other…NOTHING EVER.

…Those of you who know our little story know that this deal was done with a whole lot of e-mails,two phone calls and the simple belief that magic was bringing two old souls back together in fresh human form to be together once again.The bond was fast and seamless and continues to become better with each passing day.Seldom is a mundane daily “real world” issue allowed more than the five or ten minutes of attention needed to guide it on it’s way through our lives and on down the line.
…Soooo no ranting from this old cat today from here behind my beloved Bully Pulpit just a simple message of I would hope inspiration to those of you here in this little universe that are truly ready to find and embrace the magic that can only happen between man and woman of species human.That not as elusive as you think thing called love is easy to find once you stop looking for it and simply know that the magic is your’s to embrace.
…Of course your “house” has to be in order first so ifin yall need to do some housekeeping then ya best be gettin to it or you will NEVER get what it is you think you want from this here little place or anywhere else for that matter.

Yall have a GREAT day now…..Ya hear…
……Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)……

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3 Responses to Inapproiate

  1. Serena Devi says:

    Your words always rescue me at the right time ,Thanks you dear friend,.. I am facing a new change of events and not sure where this Time I land,… perhaps after house keeping, I recognise the path I must take. Glad to know, you are in calm waters with your beloved lady. Serena


    • Thecatsman says:

      Always pleased to be of service my friend,always…I sometimes wonder at what I do in the early hours of the day and when this writing was finished on the vaunted dating site my spirit told me to bring it here,and now I know why….


  2. Thecatsman says:

    I had to copy this comment that The Lady of The Cats Castle left on this blog over on the dating site……

    …..There is a rhythem in most our lives that we have grown accustomed to . A balance that we have become comfortable with. Now and again we say to ourselves, “Wouldn’t it be nice if?” and then we go back to the same old same old. The truth is.. for some….stepping out in faith that Love will triumph, that Life can be sweeter, and that a Change in the Rhythem is the road for us shakes out to be a little miracle…The days go by peacefully and as we explore the innermost workings of our personalities, and find lol, that there is more to love and admire about each other than we ever thought possible….This relationship is a Gift…and it is a Gift that I treasure…..


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