The Daily Drivel (vol.1 issue 87)

…Dateline The Cats Castle East Tennessee USA….

…Ahhhh the wide world awakens on a hump day today with beautiful sunshine and hopes of a wonderful day…

…One has read and commented and pondered many a thing already on this auspicious day…

…Also one has considered his good fortunes and sent a little note to the Lady of The Castle…

…As we met and courted via this medium we still use it to drop those special little messages to one another as seems only fitting…

…I try not to go to personal publicly these days but as I composed a little note for my Lady this morning I thought it maybe worth the sharing of…

…So here’s to offering possibly a little ray of sunshine for those who are here for the avowed purpose of finding a “special” other…

…And a small glimpse into the Magical world of The Cats Castle…

…”Hmmmmm it seems the wandering wordsmith has become a more peaceful fellow.One finds that with the pangs of loneliness gone and a peaceful LIFE to hand for the living of with you he’s not so prolific anymore.All is well and as it should be though as you and I have gone well beyond the need of words to express to one another”….

…Just a short note from me to my Lady this fine morning and as always you may regard as disregard as seems best for your own world…

…Yall have a GREAT day now,Ya hear….

………….Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks..Ret.)………………..

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One Response to The Daily Drivel (vol.1 issue 87)

  1. Ginger says:

    I hope I find someone to leave me such a sweet note Cat. The Lady is lucky!


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