9 Years From Yesterday

…I don’t know why but I’m watching the History Channel’s programing.A rebroadcast of that fateful day.I “graffiti” painted my truck box red,white and blue after that day.On the tailgate I wrote “9/11/01 NEVER TO FORGIVE,NEVER TO FORGET” I drove around with a Sharpie and let folks write anything they wanted and sign that box.In time it faded and most of the writing disappeared and eventually it was painted over.The memory will live on in me forever and I do have a plan in the works for a new piece of artwork on the tailgate of that rusty old AMERICAN MADE truck.This time my gal who is an artist will be doing the painting and it will become permanent,as I(now typing with tears in my eyes) will NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET that day or the souls who were lost…..C.M.Weber…9/11/10

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One Response to 9 Years From Yesterday

  1. Ginger says:

    Wow, wish I had of seen that show. Must have been good Cat


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