A Rant From The Dateing Site…


…Former President Richard M.Nixon had one phrase he liked to use often that I’m about to borrow…..”Let me make myself perfectly clear”…….Just because someone expresses an opinion on a publicly posted blog contrary to whatever another might think does not make them a HATER.This is a term the younger set and older ones who damn well ought to know better toss around way to much on this site.So the next time ya might use your God given brain before referring to others as HATERS.Remember you get back ten fold what you give in this world.

…I’m adding a comment I just left here to this blog as it helps illustrate my point…Yes I know I do go on sometimes but I don’t often get this intense on a subject around here.However the time has come!!

…Folks I just thought it time to point out yet another collapse in social graces that when combined with the many others of this modern world are detrimental to decent folks who are just living their lives as best they see fit.Ya wonder what’s wrong in the world today well one of my favorite authors pointed this out many years ago.The decline of manners in a society leads to the decline OF the society.I’m sick and tired of the crap being tossed about just going on by with no retort.Who if not the decent people left in this country will fight to restore something resembling decency to this decaying society.

…………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks…ret…………

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