Design Your Life

…It seems everywhere you look today people are all wrapped up in creating or maintaining a lifestyle.Now what exactly is a “lifestyle”anyway I ponder as a cloud passes over the mountaintop I see from my back deck.If I went up to the top of the mountain I would be wrapped in a cloud to stand there then and let my mind ponder and wander with my head literally in the clouds.This I meander through my oft befuddled mind as the rest of the world rolls by on the distant highway with pounding tires dictating the destiny of their lives.What awaits those who travel that road in search of the elusive style of life they so fervently are seeking where does that leave the soul of humanity they are charged with keeping?

…Is it a style they seek to apply to a life or a life they seek with pangs of longing never to be satisfied.Power and money and money and power to support oneself in the style you are accustomed to this pursuit of happiness will lead you to starvation of your soul.How many have traveled this same path only to find bitterness and heartache at it’s appointed end.Childern grow to young men and women before your very eyes and you were to busy supporting the family lifestyle to note the time and ages passing pounding the pavement in the city of your mind telling yourself it will all be for the best in the end they will have the clothes and fancy things that society tells them they need to succeed at this lifestyle they may or may not have choosen.The college gates will welcome them as long as the tuition is paid and in pursuit of higher education their lifestyle will surely get them laid.If you can conceive and you can believe then you will achieve the promise of reward is made but what will you get if you forget that the price must indeed be paid.

…When time is late near  pearly gate and Saint Peter comes to call will you enter in without chagrin or only then to begin seeing the wonder of this thing called life.What then will be and will you see the futility of it all tires pounding pavement in fruitless pursuit of the all,the style,the life that lifestyle you so richly earned while wonderous bridges burned between mountains standing tall…….I sat on the deck and wondered where that cloud was going on this wonderous sometimes stormy day so I leave you now to ponder plow at the lifestyle that takes you on your way.Please excuse and to forgive as I simply must pursue that cloud and ask him why and where he be a wandering.Yes this I call LIFE and without the strife that a “lifestyle” would surely bring I go now to the mountain top and there with clouds to sing.

………………..Peace To All Who Pass This Way…………………………….

…………………..Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks…ret.)……….

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6 Responses to Design Your Life

  1. Leslie A Kavourakis says:

    The Author’s contemplation of the cloud equals or even exceeds the machinations of the “FastLane” Generation…..”He that dies with the most toys…wins” is just so much foolishness. While the man meditating on his world’s wonders, has won it all……


  2. Joanaroo says:

    Hi! Don’t know if you’ve seen the clean up/fix-up/yard sale show Clean House, but when actress Niecy Nash hosts, she tries to get the people needing organization to see that overloads of material things (what she calls *foolishness*, Leslie’s comment reminded me of that) are not the key to all happiness. She has helped ladies and gentlemen who have lost spouses and children who have lost parents see that sometimes holding on to too much material stuff, including items of the passed loved one can interfere with keeping pleasant memories of the person and also that your stuff can keep you from spending time with your loved ones when you can be making said memories. For myself, I had a major surgery in March and had been ill for quite some time before that. So while trying to get back into the swing of things, I’ve been sorting through my foolishness. We’ve been putting what we’re keeping but not using in climate-controlled storage so I can paint the entire inside of our house. The fun thing is my sister said the decor and color and design can be my choice. So while I am being creative I can ponder and when my project is over, get moving on some of the other things I want to do. Travel is one thing and writing is another. But I mention Niecy and her show because as you I’m sure agree, simple is better and inspiration is wonderful!


    • Thecatsman says:

      Simple IS better and this is a happy household.The only thing I’ve noticed is my writing style is now in flux.Interesting and sometimes a tad frustrating but I’m sure the Wandering Wordsmith will not stay on vacation.In the meantime I bring in things from the dating site where the microcosm of humanity I see every day inspires me in varied ways.Leslie has her own WP blog now we just have to work out some wrinkles there and we have yet another expiermental blog where we take turns telling short stories of love and passion alternating between a woman’s perspective then a man’s.Problem is we’ve been having so much fun with the market and being together not much time has been put to writing.She would debate the point but my Lady has a talent all her own for writing just look back at her comments on mine and you’ll see it plain as day.I did that once and realized that her comments often completed/complimented my own thoughts,it’s no wonder to me I fell in love,this marvel of a woman understands this humble man.The “seamless bond” now grows deeper every day.These two souls are happy to once again be together in the physical world……


  3. Joanaroo says:

    Sounds like a great place to be! It’s always great when everything clicks in the right way! Haven’t found that yet and may or may not, but my cats give me great comfort and piled all over me last night when the temperature dropped down to 49. Ah, woe is me! Reason is, I went over to our storage area and was trying to make room for some more stuff, and realized I think before I get all the stuff put away to paint, I’m going to need to rent a bigger storage area! A 10’x10′ instead of a 5’x10′—which we had gotten because a 5’x5′ was too small. Oy vey! Guess who’s going to have a yard sale next spring!


  4. Joanaroo says:

    Whoa! That’s alot of room! Sometimes wordpress puts a 2 behind your numbers. That should be ten by ten, not five by ten or five by five. Just wondering if you’ve seen the French film Amelie? It’s one of my favorite films and is a little heartfelt, funny and touching film. It’s on the Encore Love channel now.


    • Thecatsman says:

      No can’t say that I’ve seen the film.Just got back from closing the market,a good day but I still have a lot of furniture that’s been hanging around a couple weeks that I could stand to see go


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