Breaking Of New Day

…White sliver of moon slides quickly away in the anticipation of a new day and the air is heavy with the promise of daylight soon to break.The chours of princely frogs in the nearby wood gives way to the pre dawn song of birds on high in the trees and the roosters across the way call out as they please.I can hear another man stir away in the dark stillness of what is left of the night and the song of tires pounding pavement while a distant train of freight rumbles in rhythm here in this pre dawn light.Gentle breezes stir thoughts of humble man as he sits in solitude and watches changes cross the land to ponder and to wander his mind awaits the day as sun she is preparing for to come out and have her play.

…Who is the man he hears over there across the way what has stirred another from his rest here before the break of day does the trucker’s mind a wander as his trade burns miles away and who is the man that rides the rails with his following to new day.Questions,questions answers few as the mind is off and wandering and grass receives it’s dew.The simple peace is found here at near to break of day and off again in distance tires fade away as the rumbling train of freight crests the top of hill as tradesmen rise with weary eyes and off to pay the bills.Coffee cup to hand fingers pounding freely with thoughts of humble man who used to look off into distant night and ponder then to wonder when will I take flight.Another place another time off to new begin a different path to follow where life begins again and then away ere break of day to wind and find this place where magic lives and time it gives life a different pace.

…In these moments between the darkness and the light my soul takes pause to ponder and heart begins it’s flight.There is no stress or pressure nor anticipated strife,no style to create and then debate here be simply life.The magic seems as power of dreams my spirit finds it’s place and humble man without a plan redefines his poise with style and grace.I could not have planned this trip to lands where mountains they embrace the human soul becoming whole such power has this place.The crack of dawn has widened and sun she’s soon to follow and peace has come to fill a man who once had been just hollow.To dream a thing can wisdom bring for risk a man to take leave roots behind go off to find his poise,his style,his grace.

…It’s from within not without that peace finds soul as heart begins to shout eureka I see now here in dawn’s early light that life begins when lifestyle ends no longer stressed to be the best among the teaming masses.Not to race forsaking grace to win or lose just simply choose to find for self the place where heart gives news of refunded dues and strife it is replaced by lifestyle surrendered and you believe one can receive with poise and style and grace the life that’s earned as world turned with plodding steady pace.The sliver of white moon rode on it’s weary way to be replaced with style and grace the breaking of new day.

……………………Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………………

………………………Thecatsman PhD(school of hard knocks…ret)……………..

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2 Responses to Breaking Of New Day

  1. Serena Devi says:

    How easy the waves of light from your ocean of clarity and truth touches my shore, I cannot explain with words. Eyes could tell the longing (more like a cry )from core of my heart to arrive to the same dawn early light as you pictured so beautifully and wait in trust to live a simple and a true life as you do. My dear friend, guard the peace of current with love and stay blissful at all times… blessing


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