Hometown Saturday Night

…Well it’s saturday night here at The Cats Castle in beautiful Newport,TN.Folks all around celebrating the fourth tonight with some pretty good fireworks displays.I’ve been watching from the cool comfort of the back deck here in the Apple Valley court.The cool breeze brings a refreshing end to the day as I split my time between the comp,a NASCAR race and the fireworks displays pondering the close of my first month here at this wonderous place I now call home.The hospitality and welcome I’ve recieved both here at home and about town has left me with an inner peace I have not know before in my sometimes befuddled life.I embrace these days and times here now and feel like I’ve always been destined to find myself again here.
…I help with the daily tasks and the weekend bustle down at the Lady’s market and these simple things bring a joy to my soul,not to mention the embrace and adorations I share with the lovely Lady of The Cats Castle.The cats provide the usual comforts,entetainnments and frustrations that cats have always brought to my life.I can’t imagine not having them in my life and as my dear old friend gets on in years I now befriend the youngsters here who are full of mischief and surprises.
…The RODT(Rusty old Dodge truck with a bad attitude under the hood) has by now hit the road south and should be hitting the WI/IL border on it’s way through the darkness with my oldest son The Crew Chief at the wheel.He,his girl and her sister are delivering my truck to me here on their way to SC to welcome a new arrival to God’s good earth.The hot little Plum Crazy Neon is in tow for the return trip north.I am so looking forward to having my truck to roam around the mountains with.Little did I know when my son and I built it that it was destined to explore the Great Smokey Mountains and surrounding areas,a task that the overpowered RODT is particularly suited to not to mention we will use it to hunt down “merch” for the Lady’s booth.
…That’s about all this old cat has this fine Saturday night.I’m happy and at peace here in the bossom of these great mountains sharing a wonderful life with a woman whom I absolutely adore for the wonderous person that she is.No srtife or struggle the time of peace and joy has arrived for this man who has simply walked away from all that has come before to follow this dream into these strange Smokey Mountains where there is a culture unto itself that defies description and can only be expierenced to be fully appreciated…

….Yall have a great weekend now…Ya hear…

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