The First Amendment And I

…Perhaps today as I take my now familiar place before the infernal machine that allows me to reach beyond my personal borders and limitations I should be checking my motivations.Is there a rant to write here or a well turned set of phrases that could in a small way demonstrate my pride as an American and one of the greatest gifts handed down from generation to generation of fine Americans from the birth of this great nation.What power our founding father’s gave to “We The People” when they set forth in the constitution of this land the RIGHT…yes the RIGHT to freedom of speech.I am but a humble man,an individual in the largest sea of diverse members of species human here in these United States Of America but it is my divine right as such to speak my mind without fear of sanction or recourse simply for having my own very personal beliefs….Perhaps.

…Instead of pounding away at these the symbols of humanity before me on this fine day in quite possibly a vain attempt to create some lengthy dissertation to deliver from this my Bully Pulpit I have decide on a different course to demonstrate a very personal yet practical excercise of my first amendment right to freedom of speech.You see this entire blog of mine is an exercise in that right taken in part or as a whole.So while I invite any who would care to have a look around I am also going to repost here for this day an older blog that when considered in the light of civil rights and freedoms enjoyed in this great nation to me clearly demonstrates the deeper meaning of the first amendment and how profoundly it can affect our other freedoms that maybe we at times take for granted.I now proudly present a very personal story of a small part of the life that our nations heritage allows me and mine as Americans.


…The middle of winter in Wisconsin,the late 1960′s.A plastic tarp draped over the front end of a car.A boy and his older brother laboring in the cold night air,repairing the family car so their recently widowed mother can do the things she needs to take care of the now fatherless family.The older brother being forced into manhood before his time,the younger not really understanding what has happened,but handing tools as needed,then cleaning them and replacing them in the new Craftsman cabinet their father had recently purchased shortly before his sudden departure from this world.

…A chill April night 1978.On a quiet cranberry marsh road the steamy windows of a 1969 Dodge Polara.Behind the glass two young people doing what mother nature drives them to.Out of this clumsy,fast paced, heated union a conception will occur.A male child is brought into God’s world nine months later.This child will one day inherent the Craftsman tool cabinet lovingly cared for by his uncle and his father since that cold winter’s night back in the 60′s.

…A warm summer’s day,central Wisconsin,August 2009. Several hundred vehicles and maybe a thousand people are gathered in the local high school parking lot for yet another annual car cruise. among their numbers a well worn 50 year old man and a lanky 30 year old man who will proudly tell you that he was conceived in the front seat of a 1969 Dodge Polara in April a little over thirty years ago.As this young man tells the story of his conception his father blushes and has to wipe a tear from his eye.

…This is the legacy of the annual car cruise.An event that this father and son,among many others never miss.We are car guys,it’s in our blood,handed down from generation to generation in a fine American tradition.You see it is really not about the cars or the roads they travel on.It’s about the stories that bring the people and cars together to participate in the great tradition of cruising.The cars we drove in this year’s cruise were built with  tools that to this day are stored in that same Craftsman cabinet that a boy and his brother were using those many years ago to do what they had to do. What their father taught them,take care of the family,that s why God put you here.

…There you have it my friends.The story of the annual car cruise,played out across this great country of ours every day.A fine American tradition and a legacy to my family…………

………………..The Catsman PhD ( school of hard knocks)………………

…As I leave this place,this Bully pulpit of mine today I know that this story would not have been possible without the constitutional freedoms of this my home.So maybe I didn’t create a lengthy dissertation on the first amendment but to me this is a practical demonstration in the excercise of MY VERY OWN RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH………


The Cats Castle,East Tennessee USA…….

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One Response to The First Amendment And I

  1. Thecatsman says:

    Well ya never know what will happen when I sit to the infernal machine.The Legacy was supposed to be a somewhat juornalistic story of the annual car cruise in my home town.Instead it took on a life of it’s own like the great American stories tend to do and caused me to discover the writer that lives inside this humble man..I felt that it was appropriate to the theme of the first amendment as if you think on it our freedom of speech is at the cornorstone of our AMERICAN way of life…


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