Loves Embrace

A simple man of simple taste

Found his way to wonderous place

Then did he again begin

Observation discovery of man within

Simple man whitout a plan

To discover recover self anew

What complexities lie within

To be discovered now by you

Another time a different place

The younger versions longed embrace

River of fate he traveled here

To place where heart is cherished dear

Two hearts now holding hands

Stroll along the cosmic sands

Lonliness now replaced

By heart and soul of loves embrace

……………………….The Catsman……………….

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2 Responses to Loves Embrace

  1. Jessie Lewis says:

    “Two hearts now embrace” A long awaited statement. May the force be with the two of you. huggs & happiness


  2. Serena Devi says:

    There is no word to express the joy my heart feels of seeing you, hand in hand with your beloved. May you fulfill each others cup with love, trust and compasion all through your journeys…. much blessing Serena


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