…Now I haven’t been here at The Cats Castle but about a week and it feels like much longer.I have been playing with the local dialect and am immersing myself in this place I have landed.This blog should get real interesting before it’s done because I tend to be a picky writer.I like my grammar precise and phrases turned out just “so” and everything all nice and tidy.

…However I find the challenge of embracing this dialect here is sooo much fun to play with sitting here in front of the infernal machine that I just can’t resist.I have even lapsed into a poor northern boy’s attempt of speaking southern.There is so much more than an accent or style to this though.One must begin to embrace the culture itself as he ply’s his trade as writer and speaker of this dialect found here in the Great Smoky mountains.I can feel the way of life,the relaxed easy going attitudes around me.The sweet slow seeming drawl of the gals here and everyone I’ve met so far offers themselves right on up for the topic of the moment or just a friendly “hey yall”…

…Now this isn’t to say that northern folks aren’t friendly and such but there is something here I’ve never before expierenced.It becomes more interesting as here at the castle we have a lady from Florida,another from Long Island and little ole me from the state of mind known as Wisconsin.I have not yet wrapped myself around the words to express what it is I feel but something about this place and these people has reached out and taken root on this humble man in a VERY short time.

 …I am so looking forward to exploring and learning of this way of life and sharing it with these people,not to mention that just doing mundane daily tasks finds me gaping in wide wonder at the landscape surrounding me here.So much as all the younger versions of me have blended into the man of today this place and people are fast becoming yet another facet to this simply complex man I am evolving into.

 …Why I do declare,yall,I don’t think I could have landed me in a better place and time then where I am right now…Yep this here good ole boy from the north sure do love it down this here way.
…Yall have a nice day now..ya hear…

………From The Cats Castle In Eastern Tennessee,USA……………

…………..The Catsman PhD(school of hard knocks)……………………..

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4 Responses to Blending

  1. Serena Devi says:

    sounds like a wonderful blend my freind, I sense a new man rising in you again, keep changing and you will be amazed what a beautiful landscape each one of us present. Best wishes Serena


  2. Jessie Lewis says:

    LOL, lol,lol. Just keep practicing Chris, you’re getting their. You sound like a different man. Happiness sound good on you.


  3. Paula J Droste says:

    just paging through some things I haven’t read and I just wanted to say to this one I told you so.Once upon a time I told you TN was a whole awesome place 🙂


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