The New day

…Hundreds of miles and many long hours on the road he sits now in the damp chill of the early morning.There is no sleep as of yet he’s wired from the trip and excited to be here in this place of new beginings.A strange and wonderous path has brought him here to this place and time.It’s 4AM and soon the sun will rise on this the new day,new chapter in this humble man’s life.

…In the distance a semi rumble hums on it’s working way pounding tires to pavement much like the man pounding on these the symbols of humanity.The moon and stars still look the same but the pre dawn birds seem to sound different here now in this new place and time.The silence is near to deafening at this the darkest hour before the dawn as in the distance yet another lonely trucker goes by plying his trade and the man is compelled to strike fingers to key as thoughts and notions spring from the well of his very soul clamouring for release from the now strange peaceful silence in the dusty chambers of his mind.He knows not what words will be coming out to play as the sliver of silver moon retreats before the rays of lady sunrise he only knows that he is determined to watch the sun rise on this the first day of his new life here on our expectant mother earth.A very real rebirth awaits the man with the rising of sun today and the wandering wordsmith has come out for to play.

…So the sun she will rise as the moon he slowly sets and the man has traveled far without hint of regret to be in this place and time to sooth his wandering mind and embrace this the new day that is about to unfold.For today is all about the humble man without a plan whose fates have surely changed and in the echoing chambers of his mind he beholds a new peace.In the distance the rubber meets the road as humble man without a plan runs to watch this day unfold to have,to hold,to be so bold his hand dips into pot of gold found here at rainbows end.

…………….Peace To All Who Pass This Way……………………

……………….The Ctasman PhD(school of hard knocks…ret.)…….

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